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Homophones are nothing but trouble. They often top the lists of commonly confused words and spelling mistakes. But even when you see them in writing, many homophone pairs are spelled so similarly that you might not know which is which.


“discrete” vs. “discreet”: what’s the difference?

I recently learned that I am a horrible flirt. This made me sort of sad because I have wasted all these years thinking I was throwing major hints to my crushes that I wanted them, all the while they just thought I was a good person. Who knows how many opportunities I missed out on?!

Oh well, you live and you learn right? Although my flirting abilities need work, my discernment is incredible.

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I know when a man likes me, lusts for me, or seriously wants to pursue me. A lot of men are afraid of being rejected so dropping a hint will be helpful for the both of you.

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You can lay the ground work and allow him to close the deal. But the last thing you want to do is drop a hint on a guy that has no interest in a relationship with you.

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Here are 5 discreet s a guy wants a relationship with you. If he looks you in your eyes for a long period of time, he definitely wants more than friendship. Men are shallow beings and the last thing they want is for a woman to get the wrong idea and come onto them.

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He reaches out to you randomly and just starts a conversation about nothing in particular. It could be a meme he saw online or a random life question he decided to just ask you because he wants to talk to you.

If he is taking time out of his schedule to talk to you about random thoughts of randomness, then he values your conversation and values you as well. But a man telling you his full history of his love life most likely wants you to be apart of his love story.

What’s the difference between “discreet” vs. “discrete”?

For me, I get complimented on my physique quite often as well as my hair. Those kinds of things are a given because everyone can see that stuff.

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But what about the stuff no one really notices? I had a guy compliment me on my drive and ambition and it caught me off guard because it let me know he was paying attention. This is a that he may want a future with you. You had a key to his house, his phone code, a key to his car, etc.

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What separates them from the guy who wants to be with you? The emotional access separates them. On top of having access to the physical stuff, they give you access into their hearts too.

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They are very vulnerable with you. They tell you their flaws and their regrets.

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If he is giving you access to his life, then you have access to his heart as well and he may be planning a future with you. I hope this has helped some ladies who may be trying to get cuffed during cuffing season. Or maybe some ladies who are trying to escort their male friends back into the friendzone.

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Discreet definition and examples

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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'discreet.


The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.


Discreet means on the down low, under the radar, careful, but discrete means individual or detached.


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