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He pointed to a can of Lysol and a roll of paper towels perched atop a wooden ledge.


Read through our list of its top hookup bars and clubs and book your next trip for some unforgettable memories! If you are looking for an endless variety of nightlife activities, Atlanta is the city to explore. After all, it is known as the strip club capital of America for a reason. Although Atlanta's nightlife will offer itself to you all year round, the city's hot and humid summer means the best time to visit is from March to May when the temperatures are milder and you can get wilder!

The nightlife generally tends to be more exciting on the weekends when special events are organized, discounts are given, and the crowds' hearts dance to the beat of the songs without a single care in the world! Use this ultimate Hookup directory to ensure you have a head-start so you can utilize your time for longer adrenaline-inducing adventures.

The heat has you craving a drink and some fun on the side? We've put together a list of the top 5 bars in Atlanta to quench your thirst for hookups! Simply explore our well organized list of the city's best hookup clubs below!

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What's exploring a city without exploring its people during some of their most intimate spots? Here is our list of the 5 best swinger clubs in Atlanta! Go have a wild time and thank us later! Just make sure you know about the no-filming policies that are strictly enforced in most of these clubs. Hookup has put together its top picks and you must go through the suggested Atlanta hookup bars and clubs to make the most of your trip.

Atlanta hookups

There are incredible hookup spots turned up in San Diego as well for you all, and they stay open till late promising you a never-ending fun and entertaining experience, so don't forget to give them a try, especially with your better halves! We totally vouch for what we've just mentioned above! Coming to the end, make sure you save the following links and bookmark them for amazing trips in the future.

Need even more Atlanta hookup ideas? Try this list! Toggle .

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Bar Mercado. El Bar. Blake's On The Park. Dark Horse Tavern. MJQ Concourse. The Clermont Lounge. Swinging Richards. The Loft. Magic City. Atlanta Hookups. History of Hookup Scene in Atlanta If you are looking for an endless variety of nightlife activities, Atlanta is the city to explore.

Atlanta Bars, Clubs, Swingers Clubs: Directory Use this ultimate Hookup directory to ensure you have a head-start so you can utilize your time for longer adrenaline-inducing adventures. Atlanta Bars The heat has you craving a drink and some fun on the side? Bar Mercado Type. Regular events are scheduled all year so make sure to check out its Facebook for the latest updates!

With its borderline offensive artwork, spiritual sangrias, choir karaoke, pool tables, and fascinating crowds, you will be tightly packed for a night of weird yet memorable fun. Although the bar itself is small, you can grab a drink and head on over to the second floor to play pool, do some karaoke, and mingle with interesting people who are just as quirky for having chosen this kitschy bar!

Weekdays are quieter than weekends so decide accordingly. El Bar Type. Nothing sets a hot and Swingers bars in atlanta vibe better than a secret bar with cheap drinks, smoking, and the city's best DJs! Located inside the Mexican Restaurant El Ponce, this hole in the wall bar with music ranging from rap to hip-hop is perfect for a night of dancing. Open from Thursdays to Saturdays, this small and often jam-packed bar is a mood-setter.

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Head over there early if you want to avoid waiting though as it fills up quicker than you'd expect! Blake's On The Park Type.

Known for its neighborhood vibes and dance performances from some of the city's most legendary drag queensthis is your destination LGBT friendly bar in Midtown. It definitely attracts a range of people so you might either run into a feisty crowd or a polite and subdued one. Regardless, everyone is ready to dance the night away, especially on Fridays and Saturdays after 1 am when they orchestrate drag shows. Be sure to check it out if you are looking for some cute men or even strong drinks if that's more appealing!

Dark Horse Tavern Type. This one is for all you metal fans out there!

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But of course, the list does not end there. With a scrumptious variety of reasonably priced food during their Happy Hour from 4 pm to 7 pmweekend soul karaoke, and eight 70" inch TVs, this bar will make for one down-to-earth outing where you can explore the music and your interests with other people!

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MJQ Concourse Type. Wear your sneakers and casual clothes but don't compromise on the dancing! Despite minimal security, it has the most diversity-friendly and amiable crowd, and is sure to remind you of your younger college days when you sneaked out to go to shady basement parties that turned out to form the basis of some of your best memories! Cover Fee, All master credit cards and silver credit cards allowed for payment. Make sure to wear your fanciest heels to look picture-perfect for this celebrity hotspot and promotional photography!

The drinks are relatively pricier but they compensate with their excellent table service and upscale decor. After all, being one of the longest-running clubs in the city, it has a reputation to maintain and it does a good job at that!

What really happens inside an atlanta swingers club?

XION Type. This spacious club that opens after 3am on Fridays and hosts international DJs is perfect for an afterparty!

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The dance floor is buzzing with great vibes, the sofas are a comfortable retreat for aching feet, and it's a bonus if you happen to be looking for men to mingle with. Although the bar only serves bottled water, the shady yet colorful disco is sure to remind you how to have fun without booze! Sanctuary Type. This club is booming with infectious energy and music that you can dance to till your feet are sore! Open on Fridays and Saturdays, this place offers salsa and bachata practice and a sizable dance floor for you to bond with your friends or meet new people. The decor is quite captivating, with rainbow strobe lights that create magical imagery, especially if you have had a little to drink.

The most alluring atlanta hookup bars

Not only that, but the floor is relatively cool so you can dance without having to worry too much about scaring your date away with the amount of sweat you are producing. Overall, the experience at this Sanctuary club manages to be equal parts informative, amiable, and fun!

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Moondogs Type. Daily specials mean this club is a go-to any time of the week!

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If cheap booze is what you prefer, Moondogs has more than enough opportunities to help you get the party started. Make sure to try the inception bomb, which is a combination of whiskey, Jager bomb, and vodka orange juice. However, if that is far from your drink of choice, don't fret! There are three different bars to choose from. With its six beer pong tables, four pool tables, and other games such as Jenga, you are bound to find yourself engaged in activities and mingling with people in no time.

Although it's open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, going on a Tuesday or Thursday has the added benefit of free poker! So who knows you will run into here while stimulating your mind and body both? Atlanta Swingers Clubs What's exploring a city without exploring its people during some of their most intimate spots? Trapeze Type.

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This intimate and classy club with its gender-neutral bathrooms is a popular hit. Although it gravitates a bit towards the pricey side, guests will immerse themselves in everything this club has to offer and realize that every penny is worth it. Not only does it have TV and free WiFi, the club has its peak days on Wednesdays and Fridays, which means you can party and meet lots of strangers during the week too! The customer service is especially top-notch owing to the friendly and responsive staff.

It has 8 private rooms with see-through doors that set the stage for potential swinging experiences, a bar, clean restrooms, and a pool table. One of the selling points of this club, besides the assortment of sexual activities for you and your partner s to enjoy, is the safe environment that is maintained.

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People of all races, sexualities, and body types can be found, which enables you to feel comfortable in your own skin and start exploring your own boundaries with a newfound sense of freedom! The Clermont Lounge Type.

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Being one of Atlanta's oldest strip clubs and commonly prided for being an 'Atlanta institution", the Clermont Lounge has been featured in multiple shows such as Real Housewives of Atlanta for its unique atmosphere and time-witnessed quality maintenance. In fact, celebrities like Bill Murray, P! So what draws them in? The whole package! This club has a classy ambiance, live music, diverse strippers, valet parking, a full bar, and is smoking and wheelchair friendly.

Consider it a staple! Swinging Richards Type. Gay men looking for adult entertainment can opt for this one! It has been putting on shows for 15 years and currently orchestrates fully nude strip shows for people aged On Thursdays, it even offers free entries for people with valid student IDs!

Women are also welcome if they bring male escorts and can get lap dances from the strippers. You name it!

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