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  • Years:
  • 24
  • Ethnic:
  • Romanian
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  • Hetero
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  • Large gray-blue eyes
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  • I like gin
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  • I like jazz
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Russia is somewhat infamous for its history of oppression and human rights abuses. Often in the news for things like unfair elections or police brutality, gender equality is a less-reported topic, but nonetheless a pervasive and damaging systemic issue. Nothing less than ificant legal reforms are necessary to change the culture of misogyny in the country. Gender equality might be a long way off for Russian women, but because of activists and NGOs fighting for their rights under the law, hope is on the horizon. Blog - Latest News. The Constitution of Russia, adopted inguarantees equal rights for women and men.


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Even though this myth inspired a lot of foreign action movies, out of more than million people living in Russiavery few are in the mob, the majority are law abiding people with regular jobs and a normal life. However beer is just as popular — especially with the rise of craft beer cultureand only slightly more popular than wine.

1. the language barrier was more pronounced than i'd expected.

This one is straight up unfair: saying that all bride scams are set up by pretty Russian women is an insult to a population of beautiful Russian girls out there. Sadly, these things do happen, but if all cute Russian girls were prop brides, there would be no money left in the Western world.

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Apparently once Russian women are done looking for a rich husband, they turn into spineless unkempt homemakers, that just cook a lot. There is a couple of bear-owning Russian newsmakers responsible for this myth, but the majority of Russians stick to more traditional cats and dogs when choosing a animal companion. They do, but rarely at strangers, as they never smile for the sake of being polite and beam mostly at friends and family.

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Also, they say that laughter without reason is a of stupidity, so when a Russian smiles at you, this is most certainly genuine and well deserved. Those are fantastic authors, but Russia has centuries of literary history before them and over a hundred years after.

2. unlike americans, russians don't tend to smile at strangers.

However, most of the country is in the temperate zone, and the Black sea coast — where Sochi is — is in the subtropics. That would be like saying that all French people wear berets, or all Americans wear baseball caps.

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This myth is fuelled by the many Hollywood movie villains, that usually fall under these two and sometimes even manage to be both. Russian cuisine might be a bit heavy on the dill, but gets some seriously bad press too. Russians, especially women, do love dressing up. This is only true for Russians living in cities, where women can wear heels and a fancy dress for a casual walk.

Pride and modesty

In rural areas people are far less glamorous. There are indeed a lot of superstitions in Russian culture, but they should be treated as part of national folklore collection. In fact, some of them are just hilarious.

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Good to know about the russians

Dasha Fomina. Add to Plan. Everyone is in the Russian Mafia.

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All Russians drink vodka. Russian Vodka. Attractive women in Russia are dating scammers.

Main holidays in russia

Russian ladies are hopelessly domesticated. Russians keep bears as pets.

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Russians never smile. Russian literature is all about Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky.

Core concepts

Russia is unbearably cold. Russians only wear ushanka hats.

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Dill is everywhere in Russia. Russians are always overdressed. Russians are terribly superstitious.

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This will make Russian women a favorite among men thinking about making their everyday lives better.


Relatives usually have very close relationships and are interdependent, helping each other in times of need.


Russian women are probably the most popular topic in Russia, and it would be strange not to talk about it.


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