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But staying in bed every day is usually not a long-term option. Friends and family members can serve as support and a point of ability. They can check in with you and provide encouragement. They can also provide reassurance and assistance. Ask someone to text or call you every morning to check on your progress and plans. The anticipation of the check-in may be an encouragement to get up.


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It can come out of nowhere, with no rhyme or reason, or it can follow a crushing breakupthe loss of someone specialor any other particularly tough time. It can slowly roll in, like the dark clouds before a storm, or it can hit you suddenly, without any warning.

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Whatever form it comes in, sadness is something we all experience—and yet it can still be incredibly difficult to get past. But here's the thing: You can learn how to stop being sad. While some tried-and-true methods require you to dig deep, other ways to beat the blues are incredibly simple, like spending more time outside, watching a show that's practically guaranteed to make you laugh, and, yes, crying your eyes out.

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No, spending all day on the couch, with a pint of Chunky Monkey in one hand and your favorite glass of red in the other is not a scientifically-proven technique for letting go of sadness, unfortunately. One thing to note: If you're still feeling upset after a period of two weeks and if you notice any other symptoms—like loss of energy, trouble concentrating, or difficulty sleeping—you should reach out to a professional for help. Ahead, psychologists and mental health experts share their top tips for how to stop feeling sad, regardless of your triggers.

When something negative happens in your life, it can seem like your world is ending.

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But instead of suppressing or dismissing your emotions—either by distracting yourself or keeping up a good front—you should actually embrace them. Lori Rockmore, Psy. Instead of beating yourself up for feeling down, try to consider this as an opportunity to learn, grow, and find true healing, says Briana Borten, CEO of the wellness organization Dragontree.

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But, at other times, you may be sad for no discernible reason. Not only may you naturally uncover what's causing your sadness, but just the act of writing may help you start to feel better, something that's backed by numerous studies. As uncomfortable as it may be, acknowledging and embracing your sadness is actually the first step to feeling better. When you breathe in, you open to it. Alternatively, you could also try "crashing," which is something Levin does when she's sad.

Need some recommendations? While it may seem counter-intuitive, Levin is actually on to something. Matt Bellace, PhD, psychologist, and self-help author.

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And not to get too science-y but Bellace says a biochemical analysis of tears found that the droplets contain an endorphin named leucine-enkephalin, which is known to reduce pain and improve mood. Equally important: The same study found that "criers most likely report mood improvement if they receive comfort from others," so it may be helpful to let it out in front of a close friend or family member. It could take a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. Start by doing something simple like brushing your teeth or washing your face and then continue taking small, incremental steps say, making coffee or putting on a clean, cozy sweatsuit.

Consider this the opposite of crashing: Instead of embracing weepy, tearjerkers, pick out an uplifting readput on some happy tunesor watch a few feel-good filmssuggests McMillan. Alternatively, you could engage in an activity or hobby you truly enjoy, whether that's volunteeringworking on a challenging jigsaw puzzleor tending to your lush gardens. Even better?

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Doing something that'll make you laugh think: listening to a comedy podcastor even watching a cat video on YouTube. Need some help expanding your social circle? For example, pick something that generally interests you, like a book club.

Are you wondering how to run away? how to stop feeling like "i just want to run away"

Or, search groups by interests travel? Or, perhaps you got a not-so-glowing review from your boss at work, so now you're convinced you'll never be promoted and you might have chosen the wrong career entirely. That's when it's time to change your narrative.

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Therapists call this technique cognitive restructuring and it's a process in which you identify and challenge distressing and irrational thoughts. One way to do this: Simply turn a negative thought into a positive one. That's also part of the reason why spending time outside can reduce stress and decrease blood pressureas well as increase creativityand cognition.

Don't have time for a 6-mile hike? According to a studyspending minutes a week or just over 17 minutes per day exploring your local park or walking around your neighborhood can greatly enhance your overall sense of well-being. And while self-help books are a good tool Rockmore recommends The Happiness Trap and Beat the Blues Before They Beat Youyou may find that talking to a therapist—even if it's through an online platform —is helpful.

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Your Best Life. Type keyword s to search. Getty Images. Can't pinpoint why you're sad? Try writing.

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Embrace your emotions. Now, here's how to move on.

How to stop being sad

Find what does make you happy. And laugh. Related Stories. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this to help users provide their addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Health.

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