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Stikeleather Steps Down as Currituck Manager. Cooper announces support of new CDC mask guidelines.


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In. Beach Massacre at Kill Devil Hills Hide Spoilers. JoferJeff 13 August Simple story. A single mother he to her parents beach house when her ex husband gets out of jail for assaulting her and their daughter.

She brings along a few friends and when she gets there, she finds her sister is filming a short film with a couple of people as well. Meanwhile her ex and his uncle are looking for revenge and killing anyone who gets in their way.

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This could have been a great thriller. It has a lot of talented people involved and they do good work. The main problem with this movie is its so imcompentently made that you cant help but laugh. Lets begin with the sound. There are scenes where there are people having a conversation and they simply play music over it.

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There's another scene where the mother and father are in the same room talking and the sound is completely different. Its like the mother was re- recorded badly in another location and it was dubbed in.

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The second problem is the editing. Scenes begin and end with no transition. There's a scene with three girls in a hot tub talking about nothing and there are maybe five jump-cuts.

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The movie is simply pieced together badly. Third, the ages of the girls varies wildly. The lead is 38 irl and shes playing as a girl in the mid to late 20s. Taya Parker does an OK job but shes bland and her inexperience shows. One of the worst is Deborah Funes who plays Charliee. Funes has a VERY thick accent and its difficult to understand her lines in the movie.

We are also supposed to believe shes a model.

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This could have been a lot better, but it does look great and everyone puts effort into it. A shout out to Diana Prince and Elissa Dowling who are great in the movie. PS The director has the balls to plug one of his upcoming films in the movie. Im serious. The girls are sitting on a couch looking at dvds and they start talking about how great "The Mangled" is. Funny thing, the director has an upcoming movie called The Mangled and it has the same plot I don't know if I should be impressed or embarrassed.

Was this review helpful? I don't do many reviews, but I was compelled on this one as I can't believe this movie. I gave it 2 stars because they finished a movie so that right there gives it a extra star. I am still trying to figure out what this was I just tried to watch. There is no massacre. There is nothing but bad editing and really bad dialogue. Diana Prince naked couldn't even save it as they couldn't even make the cut of her topless seamless. I have never seen so many jump cuts. I think the camera they used is the same one they used as a prop in the movie. You can try to watch this, but there is nothing remotely redeemable in this movie.

Again the script is bad.

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There is actually a edit where the girls are talking but there is music over them. So again there is good bad, but this is just bad bad. A simple plot, that is easy to follow. A mother takes her friends and her child to her parents secluded beach house.

On the weekend that her crazy Sex girl Kill Devil Hills is getting out of prison. The acting in this movie is pretty good, although, the age ranges are confusing. Their suppose to be friends since they were in their teens, however, most look like they're in their upper thirties. I realize that people act outside of their age range all the time, but for me it kind of took me out of the story. The lead who is played by Taya Parker, who I guess before this was in a reality TV show a while back, is pretty good as the lead. Their are some scenes however, that her acting does show, but for the most part everyone in the film is trying their best.

I had expectations going into this film that it wasn't going to be that great. Given the title, but I was actually laughing at some of the scenes that were suppose to be funny and enjoyed the overall film. What this film really is lacking is some of the other things, one the sound does go a little funny here and there.

And it was distracting at times. But I feel like that kind of stuff goes with indie horror films, where the budget isn't that high. So you just kind of have to go with it. The film it self looks great, and they do some very interesting choices with some of the scenes in terms of color and editing.

Overall, I think if you're looking for a fun cheesy movie, not going in with high expectations then you will enjoy this film too. I rented this movie the other night, and I thought I was going to be watching a bloody horror movie. Instead, I got a very well done character movie.

Being a woman myself, I found I connected with the characters and the situation that they were in. This movie takes on some very intense themes about male violence towards women, that you don't see all the time in this genre. Specially with the twists that happen.

I found myself thinking what would I do if this happened to me and my friends? Yes there were small things that could have been improved on, but I saw a post on the films fan that said it was a micro low budget film, so taking that into consideration, I feel like they did a good job. I would recommend this film, just on the fact that it tried hard to be something that other horror movies aren't. The "plot" here involves a woman going to a deserted beach house with her girlfriends over the same weekend that her violent ex-husband is getting released from prison.

The beach house is very remote, so if something bad were to happen I see nothing wrong with the plot, though I would wonder why anyone would want to put themselves so out of contact, regardless of whether a violent ex-felon were suddenly looking for them. The filmmakers here were extremely clever in convincing us that this beach house was remote.

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What they did was give many shots of the young women driving, and driving, and driving. Throw in some long shots of the beach, with nothing going on, with waves, and more waves, and we see that this place is really quite remote, I mean really far away, from civilization. During some of the conversations, there were peculiar jump cuts that I could not quite understand. Since we are at the same point of view each time, it was distracting, especially when the cuts were in the middle of a sentence.

The sound sometimes also dropped off, which again made me wonder if it was intentional. It was too frequent to be just bad editing Or was it? I think also a few people misspoke their lines, getting the phrase correct the second time. Normally, of course, this would be edited out, unless the editors thought that they did such a great job the first time that they decided to leave the whole thing in? Lucky for me, otherwise I would have missed it.

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By that point, I was not looking. You see, while I watched this "movie," I found myself suddenly fascinated by things in my living room that I had not really appreciated before. The coffee table over the carpet, for example. I was fixating on that more and more as this "movie" played out.

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Let me give them some credit, though. There was a surprise ending. Something did happen that was not expected. And a lot of women were quite easy on the eyes. I think that this movie could have been done a lot better. First and foremost, the editing needed a lot of work.

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Stikeleather Steps Down as Currituck Manager.


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