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Usually, we feel a void and look outside ourselves for the answer to fill it. When that becomes too much, we hope simplicity will help.


Not you.

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You even make time to exercise, eat right, meditate, or maybe spend time with friends and family. It is often mistaken as unhappiness, fatigue, depressionor being stuck in a rut. Many people will go off and do wild vacations or try things they would never try in a million years just to see if those activities settle the strange, inexplicable emptiness they feel inside.

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Or maybe they take it in a totally different direction and put more time into meditationor even trying to manifest happiness in their lives. Or do you have it under control? Neither do I. So, what is this mysterious thing that is pulling at you, leaving you feeling empty and unfulfilled in a life that would, from the outside, seem all but amazing? We are constantly presented with things that we believe will make us happy.

Why do i feel empty?

New cars, flashier televisions, prettier women or men, houses, furniture, more money, exotic vacations, and a myriad of things that go along with that stuff. We are pounded by books, blogs, and billboards about how we can get everything we want in life, and live happier, better, and wealthier. The simple truth is, we are so focused on getting what we want that we forget about everyone else in the world around us.

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And therein lies the key to that empty feeling inside. Right now, there are people who are hungry. And not just in Africa or India.

How to know if you are looking for love to fill the void inside you

They might be within a square mile of you. Recently, a friend of mine a former high school teacher passed away.

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He had been fighting leukemia and eventually cancer for a long time. He was 74 years old. Of course, I was only 16 at the time. His Italian ancestry only added to the natural charisma he displayed on a daily basis.

Relationship dynamics that can occur

This teacher started a program at my high school called Project It was an initiative aimed at collecting five thousand canned goods to distribute to needy families in our area. I can still remember seeing the boxes of food under the auditorium stage. Not only did our little school of kids collect five thousand cans, we collected far more. And every single year, the grew, surpassing multiple tens of thousands every year. Because of his efforts, many needy families got to have a few good meals around Thanksgiving, even if it was just a few.

My friend also helped out at a place called the Chambliss home, a transitional facility for kids similar to an orphanage. He organized a Christmas program there every year so that, at least for a night, those kids could actually be .

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Because this teacher always had a smile on his face. He always had tons of energy. And because of one very important thing he told me in relation to the problem I discussed earlier. He said that if you live your life providing a service to others, you will have the most fulfilling life possible. And there it is.

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They could be right up the street, in a local school, a homeless shelter, a nursing home, or any of places. At the moment, I work in a school that has a student body that is percent on free and reduced lunch.

Basically, that means it is a school of kids from low-income homes. My commute sucks, nearly an hour each way.

The void in your life holds the answer

The hours suck since my best energy times are not waking up at and working until in the afternoon. While, sometimes the work is not stimulating, and the kids can be a little rough around the edges, it is a place where there is a great need. Ever since I started looking at it that way, I have been a lot happier in the rest of my life.

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I am more fulfilled because I know that I am providing a service to people in need, and not just living for myself. When I get home I have more energy, a happier demeanor, and I feel like I have done something good. Where can you find your Calcutta? It could be as simple as donating a piece of furniture to a needy family. Or you could give a few hours a month at the local soup kitchen.

Are you an expert at something that could help solve a problem for people?

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Find a way to do that on a semi-regular basis. It can literally be almost anything. The point is that you serve someone. And by serving others, you will begin to notice that strange, empty feeling begin to dissipate until one day, you find yourself smiling all the time. Ernest Dempsey is a Counselor and fiction author from Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can check out his books or his powerful blog posts at ernestdempsey.

Embrace the void and live a life of passion, joy and fulfillment

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Though I run this site, it is not mine.

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It's ours. It's not about me.

Embrace the void and live a life of passion, joy and fulfillment

It's about us. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. Yeah, I know. I get that feeling sometimes too. When they return to the real world, though, the problem is still there, still nagging at them. Sound familiar?

Are you trying to fill a void or find real love?

In fact, neither do most people. Let me tell you a quick story. Why am I telling you about this? The bottom line is, helping others energizes you and fills you with good feelings.

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