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Less than a month after the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The show, written by Gerome Ragni and James Rado with music by Galt MacDermot, follows Claude, a young man on the verge of being drafted, and the group of hippies of which he is a part. It courted controversy from the beginning. Barnes found he was unable to comply fully. Homosexuality is not frowned upon — one boy announces that is in love with Mick Jagger, in terms unusually frank.


Tynan entrusted the show to Jacques Levy, a clinical psychologist and an associate of the experimental Open Theater. Levy recruited the Open Window, an eclectic trio, to compose the music. A grainy YouTube video exists.

Still, the original production ran untileventually moving to the Belasco Theater on Broadway.

‘oh! calcutta!’ at still naked after all these years

Here is the truth, naked and clothed, in excerpts from the conversations. Raina Barrett cast I followed all the audition offers. I saw that one; it mentioned nudity. Bill Macy cast Jacques Levy was a personal friend. And I had worked with him before.

Jacques asked us if we were interested in writing original music for a new show he was working on. We were.

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Sherman Yellen writer Hilly wanted an erotic sketch. I had read some Victorian pornography, which I thought was a hoot, ripe for satire. Jules Feiffer writer Ken Tynan asked me to contribute. And oh, by the way, you have to be naked. Get here as fast as you can.

Anna camp - equus on broadway ()

When you had an audition at a private apartment, it was a al for a trap. So I went in full of trepidation. But Jacques and Hilly were delightful. At the end, they asked me what I was going to do about my teaching job. Sappington The nude audition was an acting improv. You were given a situation: You had just received some extraordinary, fabulous news and you had gone for a walk in the woods to absorb this joyful event. You come upon a stream, and you decide to go for a swim. You take off your clothes, you get in the water, which was a sheet that was placed on the stage, and you compose a letter or a phone call to someone that you love telling them this news.

Alan Rachins cast There were so many different elements to think about that the fact that you were standing naked onstage really receded into the background. Nancy Tribush Hillman cast I dressed in clothes I could easily take off. A safari dress and red-and-white-striped bikini underwear, no bra.

Yellen It was less sexy than a lot of rehearsals. There was no casual nudity.

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Hillman They were a slight material, a cool kind of smooth material, a light gold. Sappington On a daily basis, we would do these sensitivity exercises.

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That was three weeks into the rehearsal process. Rachins It was very difficult.

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I felt extremely vulnerable. Jacques suggested an N. And as far as I know, people adhered to it. Walden Our first night and we ran about three and a half hours. We spent the next month searching for the right combination of sketches. Barrett It would change every day. Hillman There was a lot of talking about what we saw in the audience. I think we were as interested in the audience as they were in us, especially the ones in the front. Sappington We had this kind of rule that if we saw anyone with a camera, we were to break the fourth wall and an usher would come and escort them out or take the camera away.

It turned out that the cops had heard about the show and just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Yellen The thing that was remarkable about that audience was that so many hypocrites were in it. It was obligatory. Jimi Hendrix came backstage. Feiffer I went to the opening and the party, just long enough to get drunk. I felt shame for what had been done to my sketch.

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It was a pan. The investors, you could see their faces sagging. Barrett When the reviews came out? Oh my God, gloom and doom. I want out!

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I want out of this! People were hysterical and overreacting. Walden Of course, it turned out to be the longest running revue in the history of the theater. My big income from the show came many years later. It became a ringtone best seller. Feiffer It inspired me to extend the sort of thinking that went into my sketch. I go out into the street every day and I accost strangers. I just walk up. Rachins It definitely changed me. It was painful. It was exciting. It was funny. It was fun. Harper Macy People were looking for a revolution. And we were part of that.

When ‘hair’ opened on broadway, it courted controversy from the start

It was an attitude toward women as objects, detaching romance from sexuality. I would never write that sketch today. I would never think that a subject which dealt with rape, even peripherally, was a funny one. Walden Every once in a while somebody comes up with the idea of doing a revival. Inthe world was turning upside down. The whole fabric of society was cracking and changing.

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Previews Hypocrites and celebrities Walden Our first night and we ran about three and a half hours.

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A Broadway actor has spoken out against an audience member who broke theatre rules by taking a photograph during a nude scene.