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Giving Opinion!


When we are negotiating, expressing opinions or simply chatting with a friend, we often have to agree or disagree with the other person.

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It is very difficult to convince when they think you are attacking. We need to express our opinions and, at the same time, show that we are listening, understanding and appreciating the other opinions. If they feel comfortable, they will be more open to our ideas, opinions or suggestions.

Here are different ways of doing so in a conversation. Tip : It is always a good idea to justify your opinions.

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Use these lists as a reference, don't try to memorize them. Practise dialogues with another student and try to use expressions from here, you will slowly get familiar with them. In my experience Speaking for myself Personally, I think I strongly believe that I really feel that If you ask me General: Some people say that Everybody knows that According to scientists The thing is that The point is that Does it make sense?

What do you think about it? Do you agree with that? Is that what you think?

Life skills tip of the week: expressing personal opinions in writing

Have you got an opinion about it? How do you feel about it? Do you have anything to say about it? And you? What do you think?

Is that right? I think so too. I hear you.

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You got me wrong. Did you hear a word I said? Can you understand what I say?

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But who said that? I see your point but On the contrary Yeah, but the problem is that I can see your point, but I know what you mean but I can understand that but Well, that sounds very good but I partly agree, but You could be right but I think that You are probably right but You must be kidding, right? No way! How can you even say that?

Giving opinions

Absolutely wrong. But of course! Who can disagree with that? Let's see a few examples: - They want to start using uniforms in my son's school. What a stupid thing!

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Social differences won't be so obvious then. If you have somebody to practise, you can use this list of topics: University should be free We should build more nuclear power stations Dogs are better pets than cats Television is increasing violence in our society Alcohol should be illegal Spring is much nicer than autumn A weekend in the mountains is better than on the beach Breakfast is the most important meal of the day Females are better students than males When learning English, listening is more difficult than speaking Summer is the best season of the year Secondary school students should wear uniform People should be older than 20 to have a driving Everybody should go to university.

Giving opinion: how to give your opinions in english?

I think we need more parking sites. I totally disagree. Why the park? But they can do it near the station.

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The station is at least 10 minutes away. Just imagine, on a rainy day Well, because there are too many cars in the area. We need more parking space. What we need is more trees. Cars should disappear. They pollute and are too noisy and Do you think you could live without a car today?

How to express your opinion in english

How would you go to work? Or I could take the bus. But still, having a car is so comfortable. Accent American Accent.

10 english phrases to express your opinion in an essay

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The language tip looked at ways of being polite.


This is a guest post by Sam Pealing.