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The epic poem Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach ca. The story centers on Parzival, son of Gamuret also Gahmuretwho s the quest for the Holy Grail. Wolfram uses the tale to puncture the chivalric, knightly ideal while also providing incisive and witty commentary on contemporary society more generally.


A series of portraits of mixed-race people from around the world has cast new light on how we see ourselves. L ast year the photographer Tenee Attoh began taking portraits of multiracial friends and acquaintances against a mottled black background at the Bussey Building in Peckham, southeast London. Born in the UK, she spent most of the first 23 years of her life in Accra and Amsterdam, shuttling between cities and cultures, an experience she found enlightening but problematic.

Working in London, Attoh heard similar stories from other mixed-race people, and soon she began publishing her images online at mixedracefaces.

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Following the death of her mother, to whom the series is dedicated, the project helped Attoh dissect her own multiracial experience — what it means to be connected to two worlds at once, and how society perceives that condition — but it has also sparked an open forum on diversity. When she was starting out, friends and family corralled subjects for Attoh to shoot. Now subjects, keen to share their personal histories, approach Attoh directly, and she notices themes reoccurring.

Many subjects celebrate the benefit of being able to flit between cultures while embracing both. Others talk of the strain inherent in not being of one place — of being from neither here nor there, tugged between one identity and another.

'a white family raised me - i learned to love being black'

Some find it easy, others less so. Attoh has now taken more than 90 images, a selection of which are published here. Those photographed represent great portions of the world — Japan, Jamaica, Malaysia, Sweden, Iran, China, South Africa — but also provide a portrait of contemporary Britain. In the census 1. But discrimination persists.

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But mostly her project is meant to raise public awareness. I grew up in Moscow until I was about nine and then we moved to the UK. I feel Russian, really.

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I speak Russian at home. I really wanted to have lighter hair. There are times I feel like the odd one out, especially at family functions.

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I try to maintain the balance. I was born and raised in San Francisco. My mother is Colombian and my dad is mixed Scottish and English. They met on a blind date; 14 days later they were married.

Knight says one-off test against india "great advert" of women's game

When I was little I was very dark, but when I turned seven I became very fair. There was an awkward time when people thought my mum was my nanny. Because I was so light-skinned I would embrace being English rather than being Colombian. My son is a blond-haired, blue-eyed child, but I want him to know he is mixed Colombian. I was born in London but lived in Mexico until I was eight because of my disability — I was born deaf.

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I went to live with my grandmother in a small village. We also had chickens, pigs, goats, you name it. It was a great childhood. But in school in Mexico, I was always seen as being different. In Mexico people call each other by nicknames. My mother is half-Jamaican and half-Indian; my dad is half-English and half-Irish.

Parzival: a mixed-race knight s the round table (ca. early s)

I appreciated visiting people on both sides of the family; each time I could learn and experience different and unique things about the cultures I was connected to: food, music, traditions, stories. It was interesting to hear from those who spoke patois, while others spoke with London accents.

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Though sometimes the middle ground felt like a lonely place. What are their privileges as a light-skinned person? How does their status relate to that of their darker-skinned friends, or people who look more African or more European? But your identity can be about many things.

The mixed-race experience: 'there are times i feel like the odd one out'

It could be about being a parent, a cyclist, a musician. Dad and Mum met in Lesotho. Dad worked for NGOs.

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When we were young we lived in many countries: Ghana, Uganda, Mali, Kenya. I loved the food in Ghana.

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It highlighted a lot about race: how so much of your identity is what other people put on you. I was born and brought up in a small town in Slovakia.

Parzival: a mixed-race knight s the round table (ca. early s)

I became guarded. I came to the UK because I wanted to experience something different, to be treated like a normal human being. But I grew up in northwest London. I stand in solidarity with all black people.

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Whiteness is set up to exclude all those who are not white. The Observer Photography. The mixed-race experience: 'There are times I feel like the odd one out'.

Not all the knights of the round table were white

Composite: Tenee Attoh. Alex Moshakis. Sun 26 Aug Reuse this content.

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Gina Atinuke Knight's white mum loved her, but her childhood in a white family meant it took her years to embrace her blackness.


England captain Heather Knight has hailed the one-off Test against India as a great advertisement for the women's game and said she would support five-day matches, instead of the current four-day contests.