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The free spirit has the same essence as the wolf. But this essence deviates from the modern notion of the free spirit. Let me explain why:. Think of all those famous derelicts, hippies, and brooding heartthrobs seen in TV, film, and pop culture.


They just want to get the most out of life and live the happiest way possible.

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Being a free spirit goes so much deeper than your flowered headband in your wardrobe. They are dreamers.

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They are completely spontaneous. They could seem to be set on doing something, then next thing you know a different offer came along and they would rather do that instead. They are set on living spontaneously with no set plans or guidelines.

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Free spirits like having a partner by their side ; it makes spontaneous adventures more fun because you always have someone with you. They always put their all in. They are all or nothing kind of people, as mellow as they are if they want something, they really want it.

They might work on their own timelines, but they always deliver what they promise.

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They are really mellow about life. To a free spirit everyone is as they are.

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They wont try to change you or force their beliefs on you; to them you should just be who ever you want and do what makes you happy. They worry about their beliefs and what they feel strongly about because to them that is the important stuff. They need adventure.

1. they’re good conversationalists

They want to explore the earth; they want to travel around from place to place with no goals or expectations other than to live fully. They love unconditionally. Free spirits are normal people, just like everyone else. They understand that even though they might love you, the feelings might not reciprocate. They just live for the now, not thinking of the future or the past, they are just happy to be alive and experiencing the multitudes of life.

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They want to learn, they want to absorb knowledge. Not necessarily through textbooks, but through life experiences and stories. They are in touch with their emotions. Free spirits get sad just like everyone else. They allow themselves to feel deeply and appreciate their ability to feel every emotion. They live fully and completely. These words are for us all.

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We tend to think of a free spirit as a wild and adventurous individual whose fascination with the world is only matched by their often-frustrating flakiness.


The Way To Happiness is a common sense guide to better living.


A free spirit is full of life, too wild for this world.