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Want first access to articles like these? Since the successful addition of Made Without Gluten sub bread to menus in just 24 locations this past DecemberSubway has informed us that it is currently available in Fresh Forward restaurants throughout the United States. Because the bread has been well received by guests, Subway is looking to broaden its made-without-gluten offerings even more.


Some locations offer gluten free bread for sandwiches.

Gluten free flour substitutes chart

Check with your local establishment. I'm not really a fan of Subway, but it's a nice option to have. The rolls are individually packaged and pre-sliced. Employees at this location are careful about cross-contamination and advised that the roll is better toasted. No longer offers gluten free bread, sadly. So not much for those who can't have gluten besides salad. I went here after seeing it on the app and their menu advertises gluten free bread. I gestured to the part of the menu advertising the GF bread. I ended up leaving frustrated. Employees very willing to change gloves.

We ordered a protein bowl and did great! It was good.

Gluten free flours and their substitutes

It has a slight sweetness to it, but it was fluffy and held up the contents well. They asked if it was allergy or choice and changed utensils when told allergy. Choice of 6 or 12 inch bread! Fresh soft bread!!

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The menu say gluten free bread option but they said they never offered or sold any gluten free products. Update: went back and even tough they list GF bread on the menu and the glass I was told that they no longer have GF but they left it on the menu. GF bread is available and brownies. Ask for a manager, they will change gloves. Warning the condiments come from shared area, I got mine with only mayo.

Delicious gluten free bread and the manager is a great guy. Never been disappointed!

Ajankohtaisia tietoja gluteenittomuudesta

Only option is salad, and let's face it we're all tired of salad. If you ask for gluten free bread they will ask if it is a prefrence or allergy and clean everything off and change gloves and utensils and coming from a celiac it tastes great for gluten free bread. My husband asked at our local Subway if they could get gluten free bread.

They order led it for us! The roll came in a sealed wrapper. They changed gloves before making my sandwich. I got turkeys and cheese. It was delicious! I have had the gluten free bun here several times and have not gotten sick. They wash their hands, change gloves and then do not touch anything except what goes in my sandwich. Subway has never been and will never be safe for people with celiacs. All of their toppings for the sandwiches are cross contaminated.

They are knowledgeable with gluten free options and always use a separate board, knives and gloves. They offer sal and chips as well! They have glutenfree wraps - ist works pretty well. They use new gloves and a extra paper. But contamintion is possible. Rocked my socks off.

Gluten free at subway

Bread is toasted on a little paper so contamination is actually avoided. Gluten free bread is placed in the microwave on a separate sleeve and kept in the packaging to avoid cross contamination. The same employee touches the sandwich the entire time so it is not touched by multiple people to avoid cross contamination.

They've got glutenfree bre to their subways, so finally there is a place to get a sandwich after all. The subway In Walmart has gf bread finally!!

Guide to gluten free flour substitutes

You definitely need to tell the employees to switch gloves between use but it tastes awesome! This location stays open 24 hrs. I ordered through Postmates. The bread was very good. Will definitely order again. Typical Subway, but this one actually had a gluten free wrap option which I tried instead of having a salad.

Nothing special, but nice to have a handheld option for a change.

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You can get sal. However, you need to ask them to get food that has not been contaminated by wheat as the produce and meats have been touched by gloves that have handled wheat.

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It depends on your sensitivity to gluten. Gulten Free frozen bread almost always in stock. Staff is good about changing gloves to prepare. Thank you again to the Staff. However, the bread was dense, dry, sweet not to my liking, may be a matter of personal preference and extremely crumbly. Disappointed in the quality of the bread, but at least it's an option. This Subway no longer has gluten free bread. The teen age girl had know knowledge about gluten free options beside a roll being gluten-free.

I asked about the meat and she had know clue :. For someone that has a gluten sensitivity but not celiac, this is an ok option.

Schär, made with the best of us

They call it gluten friendly after they open the gluten free bread from the packet. You can ask them to change their gloves, but be aware they have grabbed meats and cheese while putting on regular bre and put it back into the container, so there may be crumbs. I just like having the option to having something while at the hospital. No precautions taken. Uses same meat with bread crumbs in them etc.

Which subway foods contain gluten?

The bread is horrible and dry. It crumbled into pieces, it was so bad that we all actually made a joke out of it. Manager makes sure that the staff is highly trained in providing as safe of a gluten free sandwich as possible. They wash hands, use new gloves, and lay a fresh surface to work on in front of you.

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Great new offering from all subways, GF bread Staff is great, they always change gloves and take time to ask if it is an allergy. Other subway locations in the area will charge the price of a footlong sandwich and two portions of GF bread.

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The owner of this Subway refuses to do so, and apparently requires staff to charge for two six inches instead. The GF bread charge is expected, but refusing to ring it up as a footlong is ridiculous and adds up on top of an already expensive sandwich. Would highly suggest other Subway locations in the area, rather than this one! The staff is very knowledgeable about gluten-free options.

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They will ask you if you would like your food prepared from the bean or from food preparations that have not been exposed to bread. They also have gluten-free brownies and two kinds of gluten-free soups if they are served that day. Gluten Free at Subway 84 ratings.

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Your ultimate guide to gluten free flour substitutes and what to expect from each type of flour.


Flour is a common ingredient in many foods, including bre, desserts and noodles.


Whether you have celiac disease or are simply sensitive to gluten , Subway offers menu items for gluten-free dieters.


As you all probably know, most Subways are tiny and the food preparation areas are very limited, which is never a good omen for preparing safe gluten free food.