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Style Pointer 1 — Straight shape from high hip where you have hip bone to knees—. Always try to wear straight shape from high hip to knees.


What is the difference between an 8 shape and an X shape? I still have no idea what shape I am.

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These descriptions are great, I just find it impossible to figure it out. I always end up feeling too warm in the warmer months, because I never quite get a good combination of clothes. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

Can you give an example of an X shape vs. C Zeta Jones the 8? Thanks, K. I too am having a hard tome knowing if I am an X or an 8.

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I have to have all of my waists taken in and I could carry a tray on my backside, but my thighs carry a lot of weight. I would think that I am an X? Imogen, thanks a million for posting this.

The 8 body shape

I also love your suggestion to take a photograph of yourself straight on from the back so you can see your true torso shape. Thank you so much for jumping into the discussion on YLF and offering so much help! I am very scared about the back-side photo…. I think I might rather just imagine what I look like… and the Beyonce photo will do …thanks! Cosmo — you sound more 8 than X but we can figure it out in LA hopefully!

me via my contact on my website re the workshop there. Thank you Imogen — that was great! I look better in pencil skirts or gentle A lines. Not really sure if I carry my weight on my hips or thighs I would have said both! One question — when we take the back-view shot of ourselves, what should we be looking for in our torso shape?

Here is a link:. Cosmo — from the photos, bit hard to tell as your arms are outstretched, but you appear to be an X — your weight appears lower down on the hip, rather than just under the waist. Can you resend?

I have always found these body shape to letter analogies or to geometric shapes frustrating and not very helpful. These characteristics are usually missing in generic shape descriptions.

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Great explanation! Finally I understand more or less what flatters me. I seem to be an 8 shape, but I carry a lot of fat on my belly, it looks like im pregnant but im not :.

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So I go between o and 8 advice. This is enormously helpful advice.

Pencil skirts with wide waist bands that sit just below the natural waist are excellent. This puzzled me until I found that straight jeans work better as long as they sit on the high hip not the waist. Yet then 8s need a belt to keep the pants from slipping down. But I bet most 8s are shorter waisted and Xs. I cannot ever, even when I was thin, wear anything belted at the natural waist, especially things like trench coats or belted dresses.

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It bulk to the waist and highlights the unflattering curve at the high hip, this making the waist disappear into the hip. I also never need to take in waist bands, mostly because pants sit below the the waist a bit these days.

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Pants that sit at the waist never work for me because they are not shaped for my larger high hip. Is there a way to explain this discrepancy with your advice? Do other 8s have this experience? Alli — we are all unique. This advice is general — body shape is only one small element — body proportion is often more important than shape, plus there are the other elements of scale, personalityfabric choice etc.

The shorter your waist, the harder it is to belt. But maybe you also need to look at your fabric choices. You need soft fabrics that drape. If your trench is too stiff it will add bulk. Alli, I think I have the same body type as you, difficult to dress for sure! I find knit fitted tops work best to hug my waist and fit snugly over the high hip to minimise bulk and maintain a waist.

It sounds like you and I share the same body shape because I was nodding my head along to pretty much everything you wrote. Jeans are challenging since most curvy jeans assume your Looking 8 in shape are lower, and then the jeans usually just dig in at my waist. But yes, I almost always need a belt to keep my jeans up or a tight enough waistband to hold them up on their own. Shift dresses always fit my shape without fail, but are boring. Medium to full bust 10D.

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I either end up with an empire line and look vaguely pregnant or the belt sits just on top on my high hip awkwardly. An 8 can turn into an H with extra weight. Pants are the hardest garment to buy for 8 shapes — you may find that life is much easier in skirts! I have the high hip with long legs and short torso like an 8, but my widest point is at my thighs not my hip. My shoulders and hips are in line with a defined waist, so I know I bestow a version of an hourglass. My high hip is visible, and then my hips slowly, but gradually, slope down to my thighs for the widest part.

Hi Imogen, Thank you so much for this great explanation. Myself, like few others here, found a bit stuck: 8 or x?

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I have a very defined waist and I do tend to put weight on my thighs and bum first. However I am finding hard to understand the difference between high and low hip. Also when you say that the 8 tends to put weight on the high hip just below the waist is this what are also known as saddlebags?? I will try to send some pics or myself as you advised.

Hope you will have some time to take a look at them: Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us! Hello, first at all, sorry for my terrible English. Maybe you can someday give more examples for styling an 8 body? Thank you so much! I seem to be like the few others confused between an X and an 8. I have broad shoulders equal to my widest point below my butt, small chest, defined-ish waist carried twins to term so I got a little extra love hanging there these days, and high prominent hips with hip dips.


If this all made sense, can you help me draw a conclusion? Thanks so much! Some people have elements of both. Im a girl from sweden that has allways wondered what body shape I have, but I have never known who to ask.

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Can you possibly help me figure it out? Can I send you a picture of me and you can give me an answer to my ?

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Hi, I was wondering if I may send you my photo as I cannot make out if I am a 8 shape or x. I never know if I can wear belts.

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Thanks Imogen. I think I may be a figure 8 shape.

The post talks about always needing to have pants taken in at the waist. Which makes sense because if they hit ABOVE the top of the shelf ie; if they hit where my body has begun to curve sharply inwardthere are no problems.

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I am skinny, but every t shirt clings to my stomach. Yes — low rise pants will not need taking in and may be tight. You sound like you could be 8 shape. I wonder if I have figure 8 or I shape.

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This is the first question once we know our 8 body shape.


Welcome to this third style school refresher about body shapes!


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Body types are sometimes described with easy-to-remember visuals like fruits and shapes, including the 8.