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Richard Clarke, a veteran of the Bush, Clinton, and Reagan administrations is here to put Benghazi in context. I would like to know why.


Day two of the murder trial for the officer accused of killing George Floyd wraps up. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries discusses Republican voter suppression efforts. Republican Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is under investigation by the Justice Department over claims of a sexual relationship with a year-old. This is day two in the murder trial for the officer who killed George Floyd. And it just wrapped up. They just finished a lengthy day. The story was witness after witness today taking the stand and at times delivering emotional testimony under oath, including the person who shot the now infamous video capturing that killing on tape for the world to see.

Some of the witnesses, we should note, were minors. Those witnesses do not appear on camera. The highest power was there.

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And I felt like I was failing him. This is what happens in trials. The people who were witnesses or otherwise involved, in a sense, relive things for the jury. What makes testimony probative and often powerful is that it be, of course, true or as close to the truth as possible, and often that it be human, that the jury can relate to it.

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We just showed you, of course, just some brief points. And they were, according to reports, listening quite attentively. Some described them as seeming sympathetic to these witnesses. Day after day, they will hear from more than one perspective. The defense attorney even declined the question two of the younger witnesses, what appeared to be a strategic choice.

Chauvin appeared at times relatively unfazed. He took notes and sat through these proceedings. Now, the teenager who took that now infamous video, Darnella, testifying today, describing what she saw while she filmed. Get off of me. He cried for his mom. He was in pain.

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It seemed like he knew. It seemed like he knew it was over for him. He was terrified. He was suffering. This was a cry for help. Unlike most trials, unlike most issues of justice in America, there is some common evidence here, because so many people watched that video. And that same testimony became quite emotional as she recounted -- again, this is her bearing witness.

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This is her testimony. They will decide what to make of it. But she recounted something very personal, how she says, under oath, all of this had her thinking and feeling that Mr. Floyd, as he lay there being killed, as he lay there dying, could have been her father. I look at my brothers. I look at my cousins, my uncles, because they are all black. I look at that, and I look at how that could have been one of them.

MELBER: A witness recounting their experience and, as she put it, her own subjective personal feeling of responsibility or guilt. We begin with that human note for you. Floyd, the decedent, as well as weighing that against whatever judgments they make about Mr.

And I think you captured it well with the clip that you played where Darnella was talking about how, when she saw George Floyd, that made her think of her own family. I think that need for their personal safety is something that at least some of the jurors will identify with George Floyd.

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The testimony was effective. Also, having young witnesses, children put things so well. I would be making PowerPoints with that on my slide right now if I was preparing for this closing argument. It will be effective.

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The only thing you have to think about is, there is so much of the trial left to go. You just hope the jury keeps it front and foremost in their minds.

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And all of that seemed to turn on the video. Today, they began to add flesh to that skeleton, showing how all of these individuals observe this, they found it unorthodox, they found it to be unreasonable, in their view. Many of them reached out to call the police.

We heard from Genevieve Hansen, that off-duty firefighter, who believed that there are more things that the police officers could have done to assist Mr. Floyd during this period. All of all of these testimonies were basically aimed at showing that Mr. And those are critical things to make clear. And all of the witnesses were really, I think, profoundly strong witnesses today.

Chauvin on the stand to humanize the defense a little bit. This is a tragedy, but many tragedies are not illegal. This was what people who are involved in law enforcement who are -- quote, unquote -- "allies of police," or work hand in glove with them thought, what is going on? As an observer as well, I will share with viewers I found the first two days to be quite effective for the prosecution. Take a listen. I thought the most impactful testimony today was simply the reaction of the witnesses who were asked to revisit these events.

So, percent, that will stick first and foremost in their mind. I just think that gives him his best shot. Professor, I want to play more from this. But, for context, we want to dig into this. This is a part where that witness who took the video talks about Chauvin -- quote -- "shoving in the knee into the neck.

Chauvin ever let up or got up off of the neck of Mr. Floyd that you saw? If anything, he actually was kneeling harder. It looked like he was shoving his knee in his neck. MELBER: Professor, walk us through how this testimony relates to one of the defense arguments which was previewed yesterday, that somehow this crowd was a threat or a potential threat to the officers. MURRAY: Well, the argument on the defense side is that the crowd was berating them and making it distracting, difficult for them to focus, maybe even to the point where they feared the crowd itself.

But this really turned that on its head, and I think really showed that, for George Floyd, this was certainly a traumatic moment, but it was also a traumatic moment for every single person who had to witness it. And that goes to the whole idea that this was not just a crime against George Floyd. It was a crime against the people of Minneapolis and for that whole community.

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And they were thinking about sort of the larger impacts. I think we saw that today with those witnesses, many of whom were minors, who will never forget what they saw on that day. His eyes were rolling back. So, they certainly have no idea what to expect from these witnesses who are going to testify. The worst thing you can do during that part of the trial is overstate something or misrepresent what to expect.

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The fact that all of these witnesses were so polite, so respectful, so easy to believe strongly cuts against the way the defense has played their cards so far. But they also were strategic enough to know that trying to fact-check or rebut what appeared to be quite credible, honest, testimony, so heartfelt from these, I will say, brave young people would have made their day worse for their defendant, and they just sort of took that in.

We will be covering this as thoroughly and fairly as we can. We will be coming back to many of our experts. So, we will be seeing you again, Professor Murray, counselor David Henderson. Thanks to both of you.

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