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  • Age:
  • 40
  • Color of my hair:
  • I've auburn hair
  • What is my Zodiac sign:
  • Virgo
  • My body type:
  • My figure type is overweight
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Liqueur
  • My hobbies:
  • Learning foreign languages


As you may know, compatibility in various aspects of your relationship is super important for couples to last long-term. For instance, having shared values and expectations for the future are two very basic things you and your partner need to see eye-to-eye on. Having great physical chemistry is another and some even make it a point to date people with compatible zodiac s.


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9 s you’re intellectually compatible with your partner

I feel we often understandably talk about our social, emotional, physical and creative needs but what Intellectual stimulation needed our intellectual needs? So I was wondering what do you do to feel challenged or what do you do for intellectual stimulation? I was thinking as you've offered reading material also TV has a variety of talk on various subjects. I think the great thing about written media is the variety of topics, I'm slowly starting to read again and including some non fiction.

Before I felt well enough to study at uni, I used to read a lot I have three bookshelves full and my home library is forever growing. I also found watching Ted talk videos interesting as they cover a range of topics and I was always learning something new from them. I now do photography with my boyfriend when I have time as well, I find it a very intellectually stimulating hobby as there's so many settings to learn etc and getting out in the conservation parks is also relaxing.

How do relationships benefit when you’re intellectually compatible with someone?

Bird photography has become one of my favourite things to do as I'm always learning about different birds and it's quite challenging to get a good photo before they fly off. When I am struggling and feeling unwell in my mind Intellectual stimulation needed heart, I find reading really hard, no concentration, no motivation, no will to persist.

I too have only just started to read again after many many months, and during that time of not reading, I've found podcasts really helpful, to give my brain a bit of stimulation, but without tiring my already exhausted mind too much. When I posted before, your message was not there yet, I just wanted to say I wasn't leaving you out with my greeting, yours simply wasn't there! Great ideas with photography and Ted talks. Sorry Lici and lovely to meet you. No need to feel bad : thanks for replying again to include me though, that's really sweet of you!

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The best thing about photography is that you can also see your progress as you get better at it which gives you a sense of accomplishment as well. I look at my first photos compared with the photos I take now a year or so later and Intellectual stimulation needed so different! As someone who used to suffer from agoraphobia, getting out of the house is an accomplishment too so it's a double therapy for me.

Plus where I live south of Adelaide there's so many beautiful conservation parks that I never knew existed. There's also the added bonus of photography groups on Facebook ect where they meet up and you can meet like minded people. It really is a great hobby to have! A grateful thank you for all the helpful suggestions and support : I really appreciate your efforts.

Thank you so much. DB : thank you very much. Excellent point about how we can utilise different media to stimulate our minds. It sounds like you have been watching some fascinating things on TV, which is great :. Those friends you mentioned sound like great company for those deep and meaningful convos. I feel they can be so important to make us feel truly heard, understood and healthily challenged.

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Also, hurray about the reading. Thanks again xoxo.

9 subtle s you & your partner are not intellectually compatible

Lici : thank you to you too! I really appreciate the reminders. You can find a whole range of talk topics Your photography idea is a great suggestion. I like how it combines multiple elements: learning how to use the settings as you said and engaging your senses by taking photographs outdoors. Thank you for the reminder :. Thanks for the suggestion. I completely forgot to mention the editing part, that's Intellectual stimulation needed whole learning experience in itself.

If you take photos in RAW format, editing is as big or a bigger part of the process than taking the photos. I find photography really good as you really blank your mind when looking through the view finder, there's a complete focus on your topic that I haven't found with anything else.

Academic journals is a great idea, especially if you're looking up stuff about metal health, one problem with psychology papers is they can be a little confusing with some of the jargon. Wiki usually explains things in easy to understand language that I find helpful. A super interesting topic that I had to read about recently was the hippocampus and it's role in memory. We really do have amazing brains!

What is intellectual stimulation

I also had to watch a documentary for one of my subjects called origins of us. It's about the evolution of humans and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for something new to watch! Hopefully it's online somewhere! Your photography passion lights up the. Editing sounds like a fantastic way to exercise your artistic side : It also seems to be a great way to practice mindfulness judging by your comments.

Origins of us sounds vaguely familiar to me. I have never watched it but I recall reading an article about it. Thank you :.

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I recently got a pdf in class about evidence based practice and how clinical psychologists read journal articles and how they determine if a treatment study is good or not. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to give a rundown on how to determine if the study is a good one or not. An article could have ificant findings but that doesn't always mean it's a good study or one without fault. Editing photos is definitely creative, you can either do advanced things like create a composite merging two photos together such as putting a different sky on a foreground or just bring out details.

I tend to just bring out details at the moment but would love to do a composite of a milky way sky on a landscape one day! Anyway, I must go get ready for my gp appointment. Feel free to ask any Intellectual stimulation needed about photography or psychology etc!

I'm unsure if we can post links to YouTube videos in here, but I found some videos on psychology terms that may be helpful for people. It explains them in like a tutorial kind of way. The channel is called khanacademymedicine and they have quite a few playlists on different topics.

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There's one that I looked at called attributing behaviour to persons or situations, but there's also playlists on depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders, personality theories, social psychology, psychological disorders. There's tons more on other medical based things as well! I thought I'd share as people might be interested. I know that learning about the different theories etc behind mental illness has really helped me understand my experiences a lot.

Please feel free to chime in Intellectual stimulation needed the thread topic:. Lici : thank you for your wonderful insight and suggestions :. Sorry, to the best of my understanding, I think only Community Champions can post links? Khanaacedemymedicine YouTube videos sounds really interesting. Thank you for mentioning it. I really like your point about how learning the theory behind a condition mental or even physical can help us make sense of our experiences, and possibly give us new ideas about treatment options too.

That article sounds really enlightening and it must have be so useful when you read academic articles. But I suppose with academic articles, there are certain things a person needs to look out for. Thanks Lici! Making photo composites sounds challenging but rewarding. How spectacular would a composite of he Milky Way be?

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Peppermintbach Valued Contributor. Hi all, I feel we often understandably talk about our social, emotional, physical and creative needs but what about our intellectual needs?

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The success or failure of a relationship depends on several factors.


What is Intellectual Stimulation 1.