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Kenneth Phelan above entered guilty pleas on Thursday, April 17 to four counts of risk of injury to a minor for repeatedly exposing his genitals to an 8-year-old girl. Kenneth Phelan had entered guilty pleas at an earlier court date to four counts of risk of injury to a minor. Judge William Holden presided over Phelan's sentencing Thursday, as State's Attorney Nadia Prinz and Phelan's attorney James Lamontagne presented arguments about the length of Phelan's sentence as well as whether or not he should have to register as a sex offender. Lamontagne successfully argued that Phelan's actions did not meet the statutory requirements for the sex offender registry, because Phelan did not commit the crimes for a "sexual purpose" as defined in the statutory scheme.


The topic has been the focus of attention even before the Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation played out on the national stage. In the past year, many women have shared their stories publicly to shine a floodlight on the issue.

Wilton man given seven year prison sentence for exposing himself to 8-year-old

She told us that when she was a student here, she had been raped by another WHS student at a party attended by several other WHS students. There is an inappropriate lack of awareness on sexual assault in Wilton and in our country that must be addressed.

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She asked us to publish her but requested to remain anonymous. In her own words, she writes about what happened, what impact the assault has had on her, and what she wants Wilton residents to know about sexual assault.

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We also spoke with school officials, who the former student provided with her as well. We do not know the name of the person she sa ys assaulted her. I was sexually assaulted at a Wilton High School party with less than 20 people in attendance. I, like many other high school girls in Wilton, believed that rape was a far out concept that would never occur in our small, safe town. I was wrong. Throughout my time at Wilton High School, I had a representative come in to discuss sexual assault once a year.

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That was all of the education that I had on the topic. Four days in health class. My uncle, a former lieutenant, once told me before I went to a party with my friends that I should never drink anything that I did not pour myself and that once I put down a drink, I could not drink it again. I laughed at him.

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It seemed ridiculous to me. We live in a town where a parent calls into school if their child has a 92 instead of a God forbid we had rapists and harassers milling around. I drank too much. Full disclosure for all the Wilton parents out there—your child has almost definitely been in the exact same situation. They probably have had or know someone who has had the exact same experience as me.

I am a young girl. It is easy for me to get drunk unintentionally.


It would be easy for your daughter to get drunk unintentionally. Two hours into the party, my rapist arrived. I knew him. I know almost everyone in my grade. There is a level of trust between all of us. While I did not know it at the time, the vast majority of rape cases are similar to this.

The victim knows and trusts the perpetrator. I learned this from the nurse who did the rape kit for me, not from the school district that raised me for much of my life. In short, I was told to meet the boy in private by a friend. I was drunk. I listened. When the boy asked me to have sex with him, I said no in easily 10 different ways. He kept asking. He kept trying.

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The boy yelled at me that night. I went home that night and cried hysterically to my brother.

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I broke his heart when I told him that a boy I knew and trusted had forced me to have sex with him. I thought that it was my fault that this happened. I experienced PTSD from that night for weeks. Even now, I still do. The first few days after it happened, I did not even let my mother hug me.

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I learned everything that I know about sexual assault the next day. I went online in the morning to find out what I was supposed to do. I told my mother. She took me to the hospital where I had a kit done. I feel so fortunate to have attended Wilton High School, but at the time, I had never felt like my school had let me down more. Our town tends to ignore the bad and focus on the good, for the most part. Generally, I like this concept.

Optimism is important. In terms of sexual assault and drug and alcohol abuse, our town turns a blind eye to the underlying problems at our high school and this absolutely has to change. An estimated 1-in-6 women has experienced some form of sexual violence in their lifetime.

If something does not change, fast, then your son or daughter could be all too familiar with this statistic. After my sexual assault, I had the misfortune of learning just how big of a problem it is in our town.

The boy who sexually assaulted me has harassed or assaulted at least three other girls besides me… that I know of. I chose to be open about what happened to me. I did not think that I could handle pressing charges against this boy, but I wanted to raise awareness around our school about the problem.

To my dismay, most girls that I shared my story with had similar stories of their own.

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The same general picture was painted each time: I went to a party, I drank too much, I do not remember what happened, I do not know how I got into that situation. He knew me. I lost trust in other men because of him.

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I questioned if I caused it. I used to tell people it was not a big deal that it had happened to me. When you tell someone that you were a victim of sexual assault, you fear that they will view you differently.

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I did not want people to treat me like a victim. It had changed how I saw myself, and I did not want that to happen with my friends and family. Later, I realized that by telling people that it was not a big deal, I was defending my rapist.

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It was a big deal. Everyone deserves to know how big of a deal it was to me. This past week, watching the news has been hard for me.

You can do anything. It should not have come as a shock to any of us when he nominated a man accused of sexual assault for the Supreme Court, one of the highest positions this country has. A few days ago, I watched on the news as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford did what she thought was right for this country and testified about the most traumatic event that can ever occur for a young girl.

My heart broke for her as I listened to her testify. I did not have the courage to testify against the boy who raped me because, in our legal justice system, the burden of proof is on the accuser. I did not have the courage, nor was I in a place mentally where I would have been able to take the stand and testify against the boy who I trusted who forced me to have sex with him. Ford did not testify to push her own political agenda, she spoke up like many women had when Trump was running for president because our nation deserves to know the type of men being put in power.

I did not press charges against my rapist, but if I knew that he were about to be put in a position of power as high as the Supreme Court, I have no doubt that I, too, would speak my truth.

The hardest part of this week, undoubtedly, was watching our president mock Dr. Ford in front of a crowd of men and women who cheered him on in Mississippi. What stuck with me while watching the video was that, in general, none of my peers have discussed it. Everyone was fast to state that Dr.

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This article is part 2 of a special guest series by geriatrician Dr.


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