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House sitting is the ultimate life hack

And if you somehow ended up here without prior knowledge of house sitting, let us guide you to some of our introductory articles about house sitting:. We want to dispel the myth that house sitting is a free vacation for sitters.

If you really want to housesit, you should take it seriously, much like a job.

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With that in mind, what are practical steps you can take in your first house sitting message to homeowners? Is the pet still young and jumping around with boundless energy? Do they need three walks a day or just a minimum total amount of time?

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Most homeowners will say exactly what matters to them in their post. Once we pointed out that we had experience with hounds and their incessant need to sniff everything. Ultimately, this got us a sit in Manhattan, a very competitive area for house sitting. If they mention that their pet needs medication, talk about your experience with administering pet medication or your willingness to learn. Sam and I are avid fans of all things Japanese. We love Japanese food and we watch anime regularly. I particularly love manga and films about feudal Japan.

While we do talk about challenging travel normsand prefer to travel alternatively, we will totally admit we have certain dream destinations, like Japan. When house sitting for a couple in popular tourist destination Asheville, North Carolina, she mentioned that she has to wade through the many people who apply simply gushing over how much they want to visit Asheville.

But leave it towards the end as an add on, or save it for a Skype or phone conversation. Focus on what you have to offer the homeowner first. We say it in all our house sitting articles: house sitting should be about a fair exchange.

How to craft the perfect house sitting application message

Check out this blog post from the perspective of a homeowner about the applications she receives from house sitters for more insight. Usually, we start off with a line or two introducing ourselves. Then we get into the nitty-gritty of our experiences house sitting.

We mention a line or two about our experience with the type of pet we have dog, cat, bird, small pet experience as well as address any specific concerns that the pet owner has talked about in their posting. Finally, we end with a suggestion for a video chat for further discussion. We strongly feel that video chats are essential for getting both parties needs discussed and establishing a relationship.

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You can tell way more in a face to face conversation than in messaging. We personally would not house sit for someone who did not want to have a direct conversation to discuss things.

Housesitting bored want to chat

Incorporate all of these tips in a message that is short and sweet. We find that a 3 paragraph message works well 4 if there is more to say, like if there is a particular connection. We have always approached house sitting with this mindset. Our society values work ethic and professionalism.

How to get your first housesit

We are well aware that house sitting is quite an unconventional scene, and tends to attract people of alternative lifestyles. Have you seen us?! Also, consider: how often are you the only one applying for a job? Pretty much never.

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Depending on where you want to house sit, there likely will be at least several or even dozens of people messaging the homeowner for the same sit. All it takes is one lazy message, or lack of detail, or just plain old boredom, for the house owner to stop reading and never look back again. Writing an application message might seem intimidating and like a lot of work at first, but if you really want to house sit, having a winning message is key.

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If you want to start applying to house sits today, we highly recommend ing a house sitting website. Read our TrustedHousesitters Review to learn more. Looking for even more detailed tips and secrets on house sitting?

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Posts written by Sam and Veren are collaborative, informative posts that we write and edit together. These posts include our vegan city guides and informative house sitting and expat life in Spain posts. For House Sitters Housesitting. Sam and Veren Posts written by Sam and Veren are collaborative, informative posts that we write and edit together. You may also like. How to Prepare for House Sitters [6 Crucial November 2, July 28, October 2, December 19, January 10, June 3, This site uses cookies.

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We are on our third official house sitting job, having done two in Canada and now enjoying one in Honduras.


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