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Click to get Flash Player. In "Auditions Horny Fuckers," Lucas Entertainment opens up the doors of its Manhattan studio to a sizzling parade of 10 sex-hungry guys ready to show off their stuff for the camera! Burly hunk Dirk Caber and blond hottie Phillip Aubrey have rough sex. Russian cutie Valentin Petrov sucks and fucks Kyle Quinn. Muscle-bottom Marc Dylan takes a ride on Gavin Waters' hard cock.

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And ultra-hung Barrington Brooks hammers Logan Stevens. Don't hesitate getting hard and sweaty with these "Horny Fuckers"! Press Reviews. These two hot guys have great chemistry together: manly hunk CJ Madison's rugged good looks mesh perfectly with Devin Adams' boyish face and cute smooth body. Both men are from Florida, and they open up about their work in the gay porn industry as well as their personal lives as gay men.

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They're touching one another the entire conversation; the chit-chat gets old after awhile and they start tearing into each other. CJ and Devin run their hands all over each other while the have some heavy fun making out. As good, hot pornstars, they caress each other's packages beneath their tight briefs, getting their dicks hard and ready for action. CJ is up first: he opens his throat for Devin, sucking and slurping on his thick cock.

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CJ eats up every second of the action as Devin bobs his head up and down. When CJ is ready for ass play, he rolls Devin over and gives the boy's asshole a wet, heavy tongue bath before slipping on a condom and riding his ass. Devin grips the bed and holds on as CJ pounds his dick deep inside the hungry bottom. The real surprise of the scene comes when Devin demonstrates that he's just as aggressive as CJ. Devin shows CJ's ass no mercy as he opens up his harry hole and hammers the sexy pornstar until they both reach climax. Bearish hunk Dirk Caber and blond boy-toy Phillip Aubrey both have happy-go-lucky attitudes -- the only thing that matches their personalities is their passion for sucking and fucking!

They have a casual, calm conversation while reading from Michael Lucas' personal iPad, but Dirk is horny as hell, and Phillip doesn't want to waste any time either! These two have a lot of energy with one another -- they love sex and dig in as quickly as possible! Though Dirk has the look of a dominant top, he's into submission and servicing his partner, so he peels off Phillip's clothes and white briefs and slurps up his cock with hunger. Dirk's ass is ready for a pounding, and while Horney chat film industry tryouts as often been a bottom, he's been more than happy transitioning into a versatile role lately -- and he shows us by slamming his dick deep into Dirk's ass, which is held up high for easy entry!

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This is a scene of hot flip-fucking, and Phillip submits his ass to the horny Dirk, who proves that he's not just another bottom. Their man-holes are both well-worked out by the time the scene is done -- done with cum! On one hand, Kyle Quinn and Valentin Petrov are worlds apart: Kyle is an all-American cutie, while Valentin screams international sex appeal all the way from Russia, just like Michael Lucas himself! In "Auditions" fashion, Kyle answers a series of questions while showing the camera his soft blue eyes and cute boyish smile.

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But talk only lasts so long; Valentin wants Kyle, so he strips off his clothes and shows off his toned, muscular body and fat cock. Kyle dives onto his meat fast, swallowing it up as Valentin smirks and lets his dick disappear down the American boy's throat. Even though Valentin likes to top, he's more than willing to bend right over for Kyle, who first eats out the Russian's ass and then slips his dick in and pumps away.

Valentin is propped up on all fours and takes each hammer like a champ! Kyle isn't only into topping, and soon enough he is working on Valentin, getting him ready for more hot fucking. Kyle has a very sensitive hole, so first Valentin preps him with a finger; Kyle winces and moans as he's penetrated. Valentin doesn't wait for long, though, and with Kyle's ass high in the air, he pokes his cock inside and fucks the shrieking bottom boy hard until he cums!

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It's impossible to match the physiques of these two guys: Blond hunk Gavin Waters is tall and built like an Olympic power-top, which is just fine with Marc Dylan, the Southern sex-pot with a killer body ripped with muscles. He truly has the chest and stomach of a superhero!

Because this is an "Auditions" movie, there's some discussion with Michael Lucas at the beginning, but what's really wanted is to watch these two hardcore guys collide into each other. Marc kicks back on the bed while Gavin runs his excited mouth all over the muscle-bottom.

It's incredibly hot when Gavin's lips run over Marc's bulging package.

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His cock of steel pops out and slides right down Gavin's throat; Marc's low-hanging balls look good enough to eat at these angles! Because Marc loves to bottom, he soon switches places with Gavin and sucks on his top's cock; they both pay special attention to their ripped bodies as they work on their cocks.

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But it's that sweet, Southern voice everyone wants to hear moaning in pleasure, so Gavin put on a condom, lays Marc down on his tight, defined stomach, and pushes his dick inside; Marc's incredibly tight, so Gavin is slow at the beginning. But he doesn't show Marc much mercy for long, and once he finds his rhythm, Gavin pumps him -- only for Marc to ask for it harder!

Marc eventually sits on Gavin's lap, and his fuzzy ass bounces up and down on Gavin's dick. They have an intense fuck session that le to an explosive cumshot! Barrington Brooks has one asset literally built for a career in gay porn: his long, thick, inch cock.

The man brought on the set to handle it is Lucas Entertainment veteran Logan Stevens, a lean, blond cutie with a taste for chocolate! After Michael talks with the guys, Barrington who is a total top lays back and allows Logan's lips to get to work. He gravitates towards the prize -- Barrington's monster cock -- and licks it beneath the black hunk's underwear before whipping it out and playing with it's size and girth. The guys swap blowjobs Logan himself is packing an Horney chat film industry tryouts 8-inch dick in his pants and Barrington laps and licks Logan's ass, but it's apparent what's coming when Logan flattens out on his back, throws his legs into the air, and puckers his hole.

Barrington rolls on a condom and eases his way into Logan. Logan hoists his legs high into the air to give as smooth an entry as possible, but Barrington's girth is nearly too much to take. Logan switches into several positions -- on his back, doggy, even riding -- and he doesn't fail to service all of Barrington's needs and demands. He does his job as a bottom well: Barrington has no problems reaching climax and cumming!

It's clear why Barrington Brooks dipped his foot into the world of gay porn: his thick, massive, inch cock! This black hunk is a total top who isn't afraid to admit that he likes sex that's all about him. Barrington is aspiring to become a nurse, and in college he fucked in the dining hall of his fraternity house!

When not fucking and attending class, Barrington loves to play all kinds of sports. CJ Madison is all man: standing at 6'3 tall, weighting pounds of muscle, and showing off a nine-inch cock, this gay pornstar has it all. His rugged good looks call out for hot, rough sex, and that's exactly what he gives us! CJ first began to perform in gay porn for, as he says it, "validation," and he's a versatile guy in the sack.

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He loves to have a hard, eager dick in his mouth and he fantasizes about submitting himself to five guys for a domineering gang-bang! When Devin first turned 18 years old a few years ago, he knew he wanted to jump into gay porn the minute he was legal.

In his other life, Devin works as a bartender, but he's always hungry and ready for sweaty, rough sex, and when he's actually in bed with another man, it's pure fucking that drives him wild! Devin's celebrity crush is the Latin hunk Ricky Martin and Devin has been known to fuck in the woods. Maybe one day he'll fulfill his fantasy of having sex in a movie theater!

Midwestern hunk Dirk Caber is a man of many talents. Not only can he milk the cum out of a massive cock but he also plays the ophicleide horn. Dirk is attracted to masculine guys who are good kissers. His fantasy fucks includes him being tied to a bench with a group of thick muscle tops taking turns pounding his eager hole.

Dirk Caber loves the connection, intimacy, intensity and sensation of sex.

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The wildest place he has ever fucked was in the kitchen of a convent! Besides a good sweaty sex session Dirk enjoys music, architecture, fitness, learning languages, books and the arts. Gavin Waters is a bisexual model who knows what he wants when he's fucking on-camera: he's mostly a top who likes to kick back and receive a wet, swallowing blowjob.

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He's a very laid-back dude who is into tall, muscular guys and it doesn't hurt if they're blond when cruising for dick, and enjoys having sex in an old-fashioned bed! Having fun is the main reason Kyle Quinn jumped into modeling for gay porn. He's a native of Washington D. He's had sex in a park with a man before, and dreams about getting tag-teamed by two young, muscular guys who show him no mercy!

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Blond, smooth Logan Stevens decided to pursue hardcore gay porn with Lucas Entertainment on an impulse! Something of an exhibitionist, Logan has dabbled in public nudity and performance he once shoved an ice cube up his friend's ass in a museum installation but never gay sex on screen--until now.

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Though he's a New Jersey native, porn newcomer Marc Dylan is a piece of pure southern hunk through and through. This Mississippi stud has the face of a boy next door, the sculpted body of an super hero, and the cock-hungry ass of a power bottom!

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Marc's passion for porn comes from his wild exhibitionist side combined with his love for getting fucked. The wildest place Marc has had sex is a football field and and his cum-dripping fantasy is to get tied up and gang-banged without mercy!

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By now, the tattooed and tan Phillip is quickly ascending the ranks and becoming one of the most popular new faces and asses in gay adult entertainment! This North Carolina boy delivers powerful bottoming and versatile skills in every performance. Check out Phillip Aubrey's scenes now! Valentin works as a cook in Moscow, and lived in France for a few years. Wait until you see these incredibly hot men going at it. The Audition movies are always great.

It's great to get to know these hot men and then watch them in action as they audition. Many of them will be seen again in some of the future films of Lucas Entertainment. Be among the first to see them start their career!

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