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Jesse Plemons is an unassuming fella, with soft, round features and ginger hair. The Texas native, 31, is neither especially broad nor especially thin; his height is average, his manner polite. But he is. It is the definition of a scene-stealing performance: unexpected, profoundly strange, impossible to turn your eyes from. People are pretty good at putting on a face. What separates Plemons is his willingness to leaven even the most monstrous characters with grace notes — humor, pathos, even kindness.


That's right folks, we're doing an actual live blog. Updating it after each pick and giving my thoughts in real time on this here site. I plan on rambling like you're sitting here in my basement with me about what I think of each pick, trade and whatever the hell else happens.

Everyone in the world has a show now, no one else is doing a live blog.

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They zig, we zag. I'm an absolute sucker for the NBA Draft and always has been. In my past life I actually did scouting for a couple agencies, helping them know more about their players so they could help place them in Europe or with certain summer league teams, so Fuck buddy Garland be doing some breakdowns along with just reacting.

All those years of watching college hoops finally paid off. The blog will be updated after each pick, so just hit refresh and scroll down and you'll see whatever pick we're on and talking about. I'll even try to mix in some Twitter questions and stuff like that in the blog.

Sure, trades can happen and what not, but this seems to be nearly locked in. No real surprise with the top-3 and I fully expect Jalen Suggs to go 4 to the Raptors. That's the clear top-4 in the draft and what everyone expected the entire time. Might as well start with pick 5 if you ask me. See you all on the other side. Let's go. Well, there it is.

Buster keaton

Cade Cunningham. A no-brainer pick. Now here's what we need to discuss.

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What do you want from a No. Sure, everyone will scream about him turning into LeBron or whatever. The key is him being a top-2 option on a team you're building around and winning.

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The Pistons stink, but Cade is good enough to be a top-2 guy. He has a high floor in the sense of he's always going to have skills that translate. Has the name too. He can be a one-name guy. Cade works. Also just think about what he did in one year at Oklahoma State. That roster wasn't great. It wasn't filled with a bunch of top recruits.

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By the time March rolled around we were going 'hey, you know, they could make a Final Four. That's how good this dude is. Not exactly shocking that the Rockets aren't great. They've traded basically every single person that did anything for them. Well, good news here. Jalen Green is a dude who can score and that's underselling it. Absolutely no shock if he scores 20 per game quick. Also showed that the G League didn't hurt him or anything like that. Spent a year working in a pro environment.

Dude has good size at 6'6" and you can start to rebuild, assuming they don't decide to trade everyone again. Top notch suit by Jalen Green tonight. You can't wear this and not Fuck buddy Garland a star. Can I interest you in a dude who is basically guaranteed to be a near great defender? That's what Mobley is. It makes sense for Cleveland to take him here too. They traded for Rubio earlier today, rumors are they are going to trade Collin Sexton and still have Darius Garland. You take Mobley, build with him and Garland and what ever other assets you have.

Offensively he has the ability to step out, hit some footers, crash the glass. Look at what the Suns did with Deandre Ayton and how they surrounded him.

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That's what the Cavs need to do with Mobley and Mobley is already a better defender than Ayton. Congrats, Magic. You just got a steal because in no way should Jalen Suggs have fallen to you. It's going to be weird though with him and Cole Anthony out there though. But Suggs is fucking awesome. Dude can attack the glass, defend, did you know he played football too?

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He did, in case you never watched 30 seconds of a game. He's probably the most athletic guard in this top group here and now you get to put him in Orlando. Feels like a big let down for Suggs though.

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Here he was about to go to Toronto who actually has had some success to … the Magic. Yeah, sure, what the fuck is going on man? Josh Giddey was projected to go 10th or so. Maybe as high as 8? But here's the thing. The Thunder need to swing for the fucking fences. They can't take role players. They have nothing outside of SGA in terms of star level talent and a ton of picks. That doesn't mean much unless you get another type of star talent. Giddey is 6'8" so you can get some size on the wing and pair with SGA. Giddey is a pretty good passer who can be that secondary ball handler and creator.

The draft is officially off the rails though. Alright, Kuminga is off the board. This was the pick that I was really interested in because of what the Warriors are. They are a team with Steph Curry pretty goodFuck buddy Garland and Draymond.

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They are in win-now mode with two lottery picks. You, uh, rarely see that. Kuminga is an 'upside' drink type player. He's someone who can come in and help, but it's a complete crapshoot if it'll be right this second or not. Now that said, he's a freak athlete who can defend. That helps with what the Warriors like to defensively since he can protect the rim, switch ball screens and not have to do too much offensively.

The question now obviously is do the Warriors keep him. It makes sense to take him here though. You have two lottery picks, you take a guy like Kuminga, who was regarded as a clear tier 1 Fuck buddy Garland for most of the season until he fell into tier 2. I don't hate this pick at all. Now we see what the hell happens. I can't believe I'm saying this but the Magic are doing smart shit. Sure, they got lucky that Suggs fell to them.

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They still correctly picked him. Now they go with Franz Wagner, who is the best team defender in this class. He's a fucking menace on pick and rolls, which is quite important in the NBA.

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