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Roger Goodell has every reason to publically espouse a desire for two personal foul penalties to trigger an automatic ejection. But it also strikes me as the kind of proclamation that sounds better in theory than practice. It might amount to mostly bark and little bite given the fact that the implementation process would be the rare football case in which Goodell himself actually does not have much say in the matter and would likely set up yet another staredown with the NFL Players Association.

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Goodell came into office flaunting that iron fist. He was seen as a no-nonsense guy, a characterization that always seemed very appealing to him. Championing this stance is a no-brainer, actually, given the fact that the Competition Committee would actually have to make this formal recommendation with 24 of the 32 owners needing to then vote it in.

And if it fails to make it through? He tried! And in the meantime, we all know precisely where he stands on the issue and what he would put in place if he could do so by mere official decree. Problem: This Free personals Goodell would be unwieldy, at best. And it might not even get to the heart of the problem, at worst. There were four players ejected from games all of last season. In a sport as violent as professional football, and given some of the outbursts we see on an occasional basis, that is surely too low.

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Goodell is onto something here. Hell, at the very least, we know it should have been at least six players ejected, given the ridiculousness between Josh Norman and Odell Beckham alone. As Goodell explained the proposal last week, he made the following case: "I believe that that's consistent with what we believe are the safety issues, but I also believe it's consistent with what we believe are the standards of sportsmanship that we've emphasized.

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We should take that out of the hands of the officials when it gets to that point. They obviously will have to throw the flag, but when they do, we'll look to see if we can reach an agreement on the conditions with which they'd be ejected. Putting this in place, however, would have resulted in nearly 50 expulsions last season -- nearly two-and-a-half per week -- and that strikes me as overly draconian and too much of a swing of the pendulum in the other direction.

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No one wants to see guys being chucked from games every weekend. This isn't going over real well with them. I had the opportunity to chat about it with some of our Super Bowl-week guests on CBS Sports Network, and whether it was Brandon Marshall or Steve Smith or others, no one seemed to believe this was actually a solution to the problem of head, neck and spine injuries in the NFL. To have any two personal fouls result in that outcome may not only miss the mark but potentially create a strategy where teams goad and prod key opponents who might be most likely to pick up an early personal foul.

Profiles photos and videos of members near goodell, usa

See: Aqib Talib in the Super Bowl with a player who obviously has a reputation for such antics. Though, I'm not sure knowing a second personal foul would result in an ejection would change what a player does in the heat of the moment, such as Talib trying to save a touchdown by making a facemask tackle. Very little contact these days can result in a roughing the passer call, for instance, and it seems to me this entire construct is more aimed at curbing the kill shots coming out of the secondary that result in Free personals Goodell like Antonio Brown being splayed all across the field in unsightly ways.

Seems this all needs to be a little more calculated. The average NFL team committed 12 personal fouls on defense last season, 0. The Broncos and Saintswhich tied for the league lead in that category, committed 21 defensive personal fouls each. Individually, Olivier VernonBrandon Browner and William Gholston led the NFL with six defensive personal fouls each, and six players had at least five defensive personal fouls for the season.

Nfl commissioner roger goodell's proposal to eject players after two personal foul penalties is much better in theory than in practice. here are some better solutions.

I get what Goodell is thinking in equating personal fouls to yellow cards in soccer, but if we're stealing a from that game, what about allowing the accumulation of cards personal fouls over the season to result in a suspension? Officials are already free to eject players as they see fit; they don't necessarily need to be forced to do so based on two personal foul penalties in a game.

The Free personals Goodell of five yellow cards through a season in a mandatory suspension in the Premier League in England. Applying that standard could ring true here. Again, that measure alone would have resulted in six suspensions of defensive players last season. Init would have resulted in three accumulation suspensions including one for, gulp, J.

There would have been three players with accumulation suspensions inincluding Vontaze Burfictwhose nine such penalties would have nearly achieved a second automatic suspension.

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If the floor for a first accumulation suspension was set at four personal fouls, a whopping 13 players would have been suspended in alone including Watt and Von Miller. While I am not even certain that accumulating five personals is the way to go, certainly four would cut too wide a swath. And yes, having 46 players chucked from games in due to the two-personal-foul policy suggested would cut way too wide a swath as well. As Kevin Seifert from ESPN alertly pointed out, limiting the Free personals Goodell of personal fouls worthy of the two-fouls-and-you-are-ejected category to roughing the passer, taunting and unnecessary roughness would cut down on the of automatic ejections from 46 to Goodell and the league look good by initiating it, though there are many gray areas still to hash out and a blanket black-and-white solution probably won't address the real problem.

No amount of legislation and calculus will take brain-threatening concussions out of the game.

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There is no mathematical solution. And therefore, there's much more work to be done. By Jason La Canfora. Feb 10, at pm ET 6 min read. Five who could break Dickerson's record Bryan DeArdo 5 min read.

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Rodgers '22 landing spots; deal has exit Jason La Canfora 6 min read. Why holding out of camp is no longer in Joel Corry 4 min read. Dolphins coach responds to Howard's trade demand John Breech 3 min read.

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Wilson s rookie contract as standoff with Jets ends Tyler Sullivan 1 min read.

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The league's commissioner, Roger Goodell, announced Friday that 7, vaccinated healthcare workers will be invited to the annual championship game as a thank you for their service during the coronavirus pandemic.


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