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Familial Mediterranean fever FMF is the most common monogenic autoinflammatory disease AID affecting mainly the ethnic groups originating from Mediterranean basin. The disease is characterized by self-limited inflammatory attacks of fever and polyserositis along with elevated acute phase reactants. FMF is inherited autosomal recessively; however, a ificant proportion of heterozygotes also express the phenotype. Pyrin does not directly recognize Rho modification but probably affected by Rho effector kinase, which is a downstream event in the actin cytoskeleton pathway. Recently, an international group of experts has published the recommendations for the management of FMF. Colchicine is the mainstay of FMF treatment, and its regular use prevents attacks and controls subclinical inflammation in the majority of patients.


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Read our updated information about wearing a mask for your visit. I take great pride in restoring health and providing hope to my patients. I treat a wide variety of people—from a college student grappling with a new diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, to a police officer unable to patrol the streets during gout flares, to a Holocaust survivor dealing with severe knee osteoarthritis.

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I also welcome patients who may have a challenging and rare autoinflammatory condition, such as familial Mediterranean fever. It is a true privilege to hear all of their stories.

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My passion in research is more specific. I focus on osteoarthritis, specifically of the knees and hands. This condition—by far the most common type of arthritis and, thus, the one placing the largest burden on society—still lacks a remedy to halt its progression and to prevent the need for surgery.

I strive to contribute to ificant breakthroughs in osteoarthritis treatment by working on clinical projects and treatment trials, often in collaboration with our orthopedic and bariatric specialists. I use ultrasound technology in my osteoarthritis research, as well as in collaboration with investigators studying other diseases.

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Ultrasound has become a highly advanced tool with which we can better understand rheumatologic conditions. I have also incorporated ultrasound into my daily clinical practice, as it has become an invaluable tool for improving both my diagnostic abilities and the success rates of procedures to remove fluid or to inject medications directly into ts. After living in my native Boston and in Dallas, and having trained in Cleveland, Bethesda, and here in New York City, I believe there is no better place than New York to be a rheumatologist and clinical researcher.

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I love meeting the people who walk into my office each day. They represent the variety and fabric of this city, with a diversity of backgrounds, interests, cultures, and expertise.

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Annals of the rheumatic diseases. We can help you find a doctor. Call or browse our specialists.

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About Me I take great pride in restoring health and providing hope to my patients. For Adults. Conditions ankylosing spondylitis dermatomyositis familial mediterranean fever gout t pain lupus osteoarthritis psoriatic arthritis rheumatoid arthritis scleroderma esophagus sicca syndrome TNF receptor-associated periodic fever syndrome Treatments musculoskeletal ultrasound.

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View All Conditions and Treatments. Is this your profile? Edit profile. Insurance Plans Accepted This provider accepts the following insurance plans.


Before your appointment, please confirm with your insurance company that this provider accepts your insurance. Locations and Appointments Video Visits See a doctor from your mobile device instead of an in-person appointment. Schedule a Video Visit. Phone View Map. Schedule an Office Visit. Research My Research Interests musculoskeletal ultrasound, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hereditary periodic fever syndromes, familial mediteranean fever.

These focus areas and their associated publications are derived from PubMed and the MeSH term library.

Familial mediterranean fever: recent developments in pathogenesis and new recommendations for management

Publications epsilon is an intracellular component of TNFR2 receptor complex and its activation protects against osteoarthritis. Related News. Investigating the Role of Genes in Osteoarthritis Therapy. Read Story.

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Autoinflammatory diseases , or systemic autoinflammatory diseases SAIDs , also called periodic fever syndromes, are recently classified rheumatic and inflammatory conditions.


Familial paroxysmal polyserositis; Periodic peritonitis; Recurrent polyserositis; Benign paroxysmal peritonitis; Periodic disease; Periodic fever; FMF.


Familial Mediterranean fever FMF is an inherited autoinflammatory disease characterized by recurrent episodes attacks of fever and acute inflammation of the membranes lining the abdomen, ts, and lungs.