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Baby of Chas. His Wife - Natives of Co. NOTE: The inscription below is illegible. Right Side: Alice E.


Moira was erected from Dickinson April 15,and consists of a single township.

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At the date of its erection there were but few inhabitants in all of the other seven townships to the south of it, comprising the remainder of Dickinson, and it would thus seem to have been entitled fairly to assume the parental name had the people so chosen, but the township had been deated as Moira for the Earl of Moira, in Irelandand the new town was so called.

The former was the resident land agent of the then owners of the township, viz. Jonathan Lawrence arid Joseph Plumb came the same year with Foote and Seeley, but did not bring their families until Foote and Mr. Seeley did not remain long, the former removing to Malone.

Seeley and Mr. Plumb removed to Bangor, and Mr. Foster to Dickinson, Mr. Seeley locating a little later in Malone.

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Foster succeeded Mr. Foote for a time as agent for the proprietors. Philip Kearney, father of the one-armed general of the same name, as gallant an officer as ever lived and the idol of his men until he was killed inalso represented the owners at one time, and lived in the town. Upon Mr. Kearney's removal Jonathan Lawrence became the agent, and with his son, Hon. Sidney Lawrence, sold most of the Gilchrist and Fowler lands that were disposed of to actual settlers, and thus contributed most to bringing new blood and additional people into the town.

In a word, Moira was long a Lawrence town, this family having had a larger part than any other in the town's development, and having made the greatest impress upon it.

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Jonathan Lawrence had been a revolutionary soldier, and took an active part in preparing for the defense of Franklin county against a possible British invasion in He conducted the first hotel after Benjamin Seeley in Moira, held many town offices. He died in at the ripe age of ninety years.

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Rufus Tilden became prominent in business, and was a militia captain in active service in the war ofwith higher rank after peace was restored. Captain Spencer was a man of forceful character, and removed to the west in middle age.

Settlement was slow until about the time of the war ofand even as late as the whole of people in the town was barely eight hundred. Thirty years later the had more than doubled, and, in the population reached Dating brushton new york maximum, 2, Since then it has fluctuated, but not more than a hundred or two either way between census periods, the reported by the enumeration of being 2, of which one-half or more are in the two hamlets Moira and Brushton.

The enumeration of the former, treating the electric light district as coequal with the hamlet, gave it four hundred inhabitants, while Brushton claims to have at least twice that. But if the latter be the larger, Moira may perhaps be reconciled by the fact that a grand jury inquiry in established that it had imported by rail during the year nearly two hundred barrels of whiskey while Brushton had received in the same way during the same time only sixty-two barrels. Agriculturally Moira is one of the good towns of the county, and used to be called the very best for corn, though it is told that the crop having failed there in one year some of the people had to go over into Bangor for their supply, and that thus a section of Moira came to he called Canaan, while the part of Bangor which relieved their wants has since been known as Egypt.

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The first school house was built in near the present hamlet of Moira. Provision for the support of the common schools was one of the first acts of the town after its erection, and always since has been generous. Interest in educational matters has continuously been marked, and both Moira and Brushton have high schools of exceptional excellence and superior facilities considering the size of the places.

Both do work of an academic grade, have fine school buildings and are at pains to have a high class of teachers - of whom there are nine employed at Brushton and five at Moira. The Northern Railroad afterward known for many, years as the Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain Railroad, and now as the Ogdensburg division of the Rutland Railroad passes through the town near its center.

It was completed inand has a station at Moira and another at Brushton, which was formerly called Brush's Mills.

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The improved shipping facilities thus afforded gave a decided impetus to the business of the town and to its growth in population, so that the latter increased thirty-four per cent. In the undertaking of lumbering operations in Waverly and Santa Clara upon a scale never before known in the East led to the construction of the Northern Adirondack Railroad from Moira to St. Reynolds of Bombay, in association with the Central Vermont Railroad, north from Moira to Bombay, where it made a connection with the Grand Trunk system.

The latter proposition proved to be very unprofitable, and was wholly abandoned and the rails taken up in Still later, when the Northern Adirondack Railroad and its, extensions had been acquired by Dating brushton new york York Central interests, a new line, bearing west and north from Moira, was built to and across the St. Lawrence river at a point just west of St. Regis, and carried thence to Ottawa. Orrin Lawrence, a son of Jonathan, was sheriff of the county in Clark Lawrence, also son of Jonathan, and father of Clark J. With his brother, Orrin, he commenced in the erection of the "Tavern House" on the corner now occupied by Enright, and took over the property alone in He operated also for a of years one of the most important asheries in the county.

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Darius W. Lawrence son of Orrin and Clark J. Lawrence were prosperous merchants for many years, making more money there than they ever made afterward in Malone. The former was active and influential for a long period in local Democratic politics. He was elected to the Assembly in andand the respect in which he was held and the wide popularity which he enjoyed caused him, even against his inclination, to be drafted many times in after years as a candidate for one or another county office in times when the Democracy was particularly anxious to poll a heavy vote.

Clark J. Lawrence, though as pronounced as any member of the family in his political preferences and faith, never cared for the activities of politics, and never sought public office. In business enterprises his part has been large and varied, and no one has enjoyed a higher reputation for acumen and soundness of judgment and integrity. He and Darius W. Further reference to them' will he found in the chapter of biographical sketches. Sidney Lawrence was a justice of the peace continuously for more than half a century, supervisor and assessor a of times, surrogate of the county from toState Senator in andmember of Assembly inand representative in Congress in and He was an intimate friend of Silas Wright, who more than once urged him to be a candidate for Governor.

My inference from references 'to him found in local newspaper files between and is that lie was not especially interested or initially active in the minutiae of politics or in manipulating nominations, but that managers and candidates had to make their peace with him when it came to a question of the principles or policies for which they were to stand in a Dating brushton new york.

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Pilgrimages to Moira for this purpose appear to have been usual almost every year, and it was not often 'that a candidate failed upon such an occasion to give in his adherence to "the Moira platform. Lawrence certainly they all did claim to stand upon it, or else they failed to command his support; and it is to his credit that he counted principle higher than mere success.

At times shifty candidates were understood to have professed in Moira a faith which they disavowed in Chateaugay, Fort Covington and elsewhere. But they all had to "knuckle" to Judge Lawrence in one way or another if they hoped to win.

Sunnyside cemetery

Had he so chosen he might undoubtedly have continued in office, but he became disgusted with political methods, and absorbed in business affairs, in which he accumulated a considerable fortune. He was for a of years president of the National Bank of Malone. It has been my privilege recently to examine an book kept by Clark Lawrence as postmaster at Moira for a part of the terms that he served in that office.

Starting init runs toand apparently about every person who sent or received mail at Moira in this entire period is charged for postage thereon. In one of these years a hundred and thirty-three persons had such s some of them for single separate items at various dates, and others with larger correspondence having a continued running for perhaps three or four months between settlements.

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The rate of postage then was determinable by the of sheets or pieces of paper contained in a letter and also by the distance that it was carried. The postage was payable at the office of origin or of destination at the option of the sender. Thus I find in this book one letter from California charged at twenty-seven cents, a from nearer points in the West and in the South at twenty-five cents each, Vermont letters at twelve and a half cents each, other New England letters, as well as those from Albany, New York and Washington, at eighteen and three-quarters cents each, those to or from Clinton or St.

Lawrence county, and Duane, Fort Covington, Franklin and Hogansburgh, at ten cents each, while to and from Bangor, Malone and Chateaugay the rate was six cents.

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On one letter to Washington the postage was fifty-six cents, so that it must have consisted of three separate sheets or pieces. To England and Ireland it was twelve cents. Luther Bradish, Henry N. The latter's continued without a payment for several years, and totaled about sixty-two dollars.

Of course the postmaster must have had to report and remit to Washington at stated times, while his collections evidently had to wait upon the pleasure or convenience of the patrons of 'the office. It is improbable that many other postmasters of that time had the accommodating spirit or possessed the means thus to advance the funds for the postage bills of the customers of their offices generally, so 'that it is not presumable that Mr.

Lawrence's practice in this regard was usual. But even as an exceptional case it is so radically at yariance with modern methods, and would be so utterly impossible in the present, 'that it possesses a unique interest, and is illuminative of old conditions. Luther Bradish came to Moira from New York inand quickly became an important figure in the life of the town and county. He continued to reside there for about fifteen years, and loomed large. A sketch of his life is given in another chapter. Henry N. Brush located at Brush's Mills now Brushton in He was a man of finished education, an engaging public speaker, and Dating brushton new york man of strong parts.

He disputed primacy in the town with Sidney Lawrence, and if less prominent it was in part at least because he was a Whig, while the town was strongly Democratic.

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His holdings of land were large, and the business and industrial development of the eastern part of Moira were due largely to his activities. He died in As the men of Moira who have been prominent in politics and in business pass in mind the Stevenses, the Petits, the Dickinsons.

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Dewey, and too many others even to mention - one is impressed 'that in point of native ability and good citizenship the quality of Moira's people has averaged high. But further detailed individual sketches are impracticable within the limits ased to this chapter, except that it must be added that the town has been especially fortunate in having had always an exceptionally fine class of physicians - men of skill and character, whose mere presence in a stricken home carried hope and reassurance, and whose sympathetic kindness and interest bound their patients to them in affectionate regard.

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Among these were Dana H. Stevens, who was also the county's first superintendent of common schools in ; Frederick Petit, the first school commissioner in the second district inand who died in the army in ; and also Luther A. Burnhani and Elisha A. Though lacking the education and special training which these enjoyed, Samuel Barnum must be included in the list.

He was a follower of the Thompsonian school, whose teachings were against the use of mineral medicaments, and whose disciples held that the tendency of vegetation being 'to spring 'up from the earth, therefore vegetable remedies upheld man from the grave. More simply, Mr. Barnum was an herb doctor. Nominally his home was at Moira, but his habit was to tramp from place to place through Vermont and Northern New York, and at one time at least he was absent from Moira for years.

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