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Rise to the top of your game? Get your badge and become a qualified top gun. I think you get it. Communication is incredibly important when you are topping. Get comfortable checking in with your partner and asking them how they liked to be fucked.


Empty Closets.

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This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Thread Tools Thread Tools. Hi everyone, I have never bottomed, but I want to give it a go.

10 tips for first time tops

So, please, share your experiences with me. Is it painful? And if it is. How painful?

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Also, can you describe the feeling of being penetrated to me? It's not painful. Just be relaxed and use alot of lube. If it hurts you should stop it isn't supposed to. Both posters are correct actually.

25 mistakes first-time bottoms make

It can be painful which can have various reasons. If the top is gentle and takes is time, the chances of pain diminish. It is important to be relaxed and as others have stated, you should use lube.

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So yes, it may hurt, but this shouldn't be the case. If both of you are cautious, it'll be fine. Try water based lubricants with a condom on. The anal cavity isn't lubricated. This will help. But I've given hopefully pretty knowledgeable advice before and I will try to again this time.

First, from what I understand, the first couple of times bottoming can definitely be painful as you get used to your top controlling your anal muscles during the actual act of penetrating, getting used to the size and feel of your top's penis, etc. But with repeated practice, it becomes very pleasurable and no longer painful.

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A key element to that can be foreplay preparation by your Partner fingering, rimming, sex toy play as part of the preparation. Just start out slow, and make sure to use plenty of lubricant. Communicate with your partner too, let them know that you haven't done it before and that you need them to be gentle.

It might feel uncomfortable the first time or two until you get used to it.

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Two other things to consider: Hygiene before and after; and of course using protection. Have him lay flat on his back and you be on top so you can control the entry into your backside. Take it slow and easy with lots of lube and a condom.

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It will feel a little weird and there may be some discomfort as it enters the first time. Stop and relax and then try it a little deeper. Practice will make it go better! Pick a good guy it is something you will remember all your life! I have anal sex fairly infrequently, and I reserve it for someone I feel a special connection with. In my experience as JohnDeere said it's a good idea to have your partner lay on his back while you lower yourself onto his penis. This way you control the speed and angle of penetration.

First time bottom

Once you have him inside, I invite you to masturbate a bit. Notice that with him inside you masturbation may feel a lot more intense.

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This is because he is stimulating your prostate gland, which is full of nerve endings. Most men who love to bottom enjoy it because of this stimulation - and the wonderful feeling of fullness. This is a deep and very special connection to have with a man.

Choosing a partner for bottoming

As others have said, use a condom and plenty of water-based lubricant. Put lubricant on his penis and use a finger to put some on and just inside your anus.

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This way you should have a good amount both at the opening of the anus and inside you. Good luck! I hope it's very special and just the start of a new experience in your sex life. It's all in the mind. You have to be able to open your anus as if you were shitting and insert 1 finger, 2 fingers, 3 fingers and other non-hard stuff like a carrot with a condom on it.

Bidet helps, if you have it.

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If you're into it, bottoming is fun!


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