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Your hands can say a lot about you—your grooming habits or lack thereofyour occupation, even your hobbies—but your fingers can say more. Take a look. Is your index finger shorter than your ring finger? This specific digit ratio—known as 2D:4D defined as the second digit length divided by the fourth digit length, or your ring finger length divided by your index finger length —indicates the amount of testosterone you were exposed to as a fetus. The smaller your 2D:4D ratio—the longer your ring finger is compared to your index—is, the more testosterone you absorbed in the womb compared to men with large ratios. And hormones like testosterone, it turns out, have a peculiar affect on how you behave toward women, a McGill study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences and a University of Oxford study have found.


Usually, strong, calloused palms suggest a guy who works with his handsspends lots of time outside, or lifts weights.

Be your own palm reader: this is what your hands reveal about your personality

Bruised knuckles may be associated with fightersand long, dextrous male fingers with concert pianists, surgeons, and artists. Studies have now proven that men with small hands and men with big hands have one thing in common — their mitts give away a ton of information about everything from their athletic ability and cancer risk to their sex life and, yes, eventually penis size.

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Turns out, men who are overly concerned about the size of their hands should shift their attention to their fingers. One studypublished in the Asian Journal of Andrologyrevealed that men with longer ring fingers had proportionally longer penises to match.

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After considering the age, weight, height, digit ratio, individual finger length, and body mass index BMI of men, they found that height and the gap between index and ring fingers were the other factors that made a difference. Men with longer ring fingers are more likely to smile, laugh, compromise, compliment, and listen attentively to women, according to one study. And the longer their ring fingers were, the kinder and more attentive they seemed to become.

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Men with longer index fingers, however, argued a lot with the women in their lives. Other studies indicate that men with longer ring fingers are four times more likely to partner with women who display outward s of fertility, such as larger breasts and hips as well as smaller waists.

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Meanwhile, both men and women who have longer ring fingers may be predisposed to having multiple sex partners, Oxford University research suggests. Men with longer ring fingers have better hand strength, regardless of their age and body size, a team of father-son researchers found. Several studies echo the sentiment that longer ring fingers are linked with superior athleticism and overall strength.

But a word to the wise: Anyone who says that the size of your hand in relation to the size of your face wants you to hit yourself. Smack him in the balls.

What can you tell about his junk from his hands?

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Women are alleged to have many external s of fertility, like a good waist-to-hip ratio, but how can you tell if that hunk will be able to knock you up or not?


Are you always right in time, or always running late?


Small Hands or Big Hands?


Your hand size can indicate something about your personality.