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Her reporting at The State won more than three dozen state and regional awards. She also served as an associate editor on The State editorial board. Her short fiction awards include the O. Brinson interviewed more than activists to tell true stories of white supremacy and civil rights in South Carolina from James Myles Hinton Sr.

The petitioners endured death threats and economic ruination; Hinton survived gunfire and a Ku Klux Klan abduction.

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With archival photos. Briggs v. White children rode and Black children walked, the white children to brick schools with indoor heat, water fountains, and toilets, the Black children to cabins with oil-drum heat, toted-in well water, and outdoor privies. The Petitioners of Briggs v. Board of Education and the end of legal segregation of public schools. But the petitioners persisted. Cecil Augustus Ivory Sr. So Friendship Junior College students knew just what to do after the February 1,Greensboro sit-in. Meet Ivory and the fervent young protesters.

The hospital segregated restrooms, cafeterias, and mental-health treatment, and did not provide Black doctors or training programs for Black workers, despite the Civil Rights Act. Martin Luther King Jr. Into this history stepped George Elmore of Columbia and David Brown of Beaufort, suing for the right to vote in the s; and Black parents of Clarendon County, suing for desegregated schools in the s. What has changed? What lingers?

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What is resurrected? Hope Clark spends her days aiding writers through her FundsforWriters.

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She is author of two mystery series set in her home state: Carolina Slade Mysteries, and The Edisto Island Mysteries, both award-winning. She speaks widely to writers, book clubs, and libraries about the craft, business, and motivational aspects of writing, in hope of inspiring others to find the thrill in reading and writing.

Her website, FundsforWriters. Her writing newsletters reach 35, subscribers each Friday. Turning Your Ideas into Stories — Most of us wish we could flesh our thoughts, experiences, and make-believe dreams into stories on paper. The art of theme, plotting and characterization come from understanding what makes for an intriguing read: tension, active voice, creative dialog.

Learning how to mold a story concept, memoir or fiction, into a three-dimensional tale is empowering and a trip that not only entertains the reader, but satisfies the writer as they leave a legacy of words. How a Character Becomes 3-D — Using examples from well-known books, movies and television shows, and whatever example the audience wants to dissect, learn the art of taking a character from basic hair and eye color into a quirky, charismatic, loveable, respectable, enticing, intense, or demonic contributor to a tale.

Writing the Mystery Series — Readers adore investing in characters over a series of books, and the mystery genre is ripe with such series. But what makes for an intriguing series? How does a writer keep the momentum going book after book so readers beg for more? Too Shy to Write — Most writers are introverts, meaning they not only find it difficult to take their ideas from thought to paper, but they fear submitting, publishing, and speaking.

Hope Clark walks potential writers through the landmines of writing and publishing so that their dreams of being read can come true. Hope Clark always wrote but never thought that writing could be a career. But after being offered a bribe, and finding herself in the midst of a federal investigation, she quickly realized that life made for great fiction.

C. hope clark

In a journey of starts, stops, and ample rejection, she left the federal sector and became a full-time author proving that a lot of writer wannabes can do the same. Why Edisto? Learn how choosing a strategic setting for stories can make as much or more difference in the success of a book than plot or character, and in fact, become the biggest character in your tale.

Debra Conner has worked as a Chautauqua performer since receiving a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to develop a portrayal of Emily Dickinson in She has appeared in almost every state Chautauqua program, including 10 tours with Ohio Chautauqua. All programs are about 60 minutes in length. Emily Dickinsonlegendary reclusive poet from Amherst, Massachusetts.

Although virtually unknown during her lifetime, Dickinson is now considered one of the greatest poets who ever lived. Her path to publication and her wit will surprise. Prepare to be entertained by her views on everything from cats to religion. Mitchell was a reluctant celebrity and a brilliant storyteller. Edith RussellTitanic survivor.

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Fashion deer and journalist, flamboyant Edith Russell, loved the limelight. As a first class passenger on the doomed ship, she required a first class cabin for herself and a first class cabin for her clothing. Her vivid, first-hand s of the sinking are spellbinding. When she arrived on Wadmalaw Island, SC, it was the first time she heard the Gullah language, and she was fascinated by the tone and rhythm of this Creole language. That was the beginning of what has become her life-long passion: the Gullah culture, their stories, folk music, crafts, food ways, religious folkways … their way of life.

She has traveled throughout the east coast of the United States as an advocate of the preservation, conservation and development of the culture through workshops, lectures, storytelling, special events and artist in residency programs. The Gullah Language: History and Evolution of a Creole Language This lecture presents in narration and interpretation an introduction to the Gullah language.

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The presentation, partially in storytelling form, is spoken in the Gullah language with the English translations. This interactive program affords the audience the opportunity to participate in the hand clapping, percussion instruments and movement. Rag Quilting of the Rice, Indigo and Cotton Plantations of the Lowcountry This presentation travels the road of survival, the adaptation of material for uses other than its original de.

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This presentation uses narration, interpretation, exhibits and hands-on activities to allow one to experience the rag quilting social gathering. Dolls of the Antebellum Period on Johns and Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina The desire for dolls and playthings knows no bounds in the minds of children. This presentation introduces the age-old art form of doll making from grass dolls to Twiss up dolls. The use of exhibits and interpretation brings this art form to life. These stories are the explanation of the other world experiences, and this presentation explores these phenomena.

The Rice Culture of the Lowcountry This program looks at West Africans and their methods of rice cultivation and the West African slave on the rice plantations of the lowcounty during the antebellum period. We explore one year on a rice plantation utilizing the antebellum tools used for harvesting the rice through its shipment to Europe. He received his Ph. After his doctoral work, he was a research fellow for nearly three years at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies in the UK, contributing to an atlas of Muslim social and intellectual history in India. On his return to the U. His research interests are in popular religion and the dynamics of religious change, particularly individual conversion.

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An Introduction to Modern Islam Damrel will explore some of the key elements of Islam and Muslim society, with a focus on ritual, law, authority and modern issues within Muslim communities globally and the U. She enjoys speaking to audiences on subjects that inspire her. Three women of different backgrounds, ages, and race. Where did they come from, what did they want, and why did they stay?

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Each was forever changed by their time in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Their journeys, their writings, their fortitude and passion are inspirational. This program will remind listeners of the power of education and the resourcefulness of women who worked during the era of Reconstruction. An archaeologist over 30 years, Dr. Drucker is based in Columbia where she operates a business, teaches at area colleges, develops cultural resource management workshops, and writes educational and business materials.

In addition to serving as adjunct faculty at Columbia College and USC, she is a member of the American Cultural Resources Association, a business group that advocates for support and preservation of community heritage. She is also past President of the Council of South Carolina Professional Archaeologists and served for nearly 10 years as Coordinator of the annual South Carolina Archaeology Discovery Weekend, an event co-sponsored by three state agencies. Drucker has authored over archaeological studies of South Carolina and North Carolina sites, as well as several major journal articles.

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Workshop: Teaching Archaeology to Children Get an overview of the scope and depth of archaeology in the classroom. If your interests range from map reading to digs or from cultural artifacts to radiocarbon dating, this workshop will prepare you to enter the world of amateur archaeological sleuthing. African slaves and their descendants shaped, and were shaped by, the physical and social landscapes of early South Carolina. Their diverse cultural systems have been studied from several perspectives, based on historical, archaeological, and other material evidence.

This workshop explores some of the major themes and lines of evidence derived from archaeology and narrative history.

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Protecting Community Heritage Through Archaeology If you are an active member of your community or a public employee, you no doubt get involved in interesting and contentious issues from time to time. Would you like to better understand and even contribute to saving the past for the future? Learn the basics here and become a more effective voice for historic preservation and heritage tourism.

The Anthropology of Dance What in the world are they doing?

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As an art form, dance is almost universally appreciated, if not always understood. Understanding, though, is basic to communication, and dance is, above all, a form of non-verbal communication. Understanding the cultural context and history around dance can create an appreciation of even its most exotic, strange, or seemingly vulgar forms.

Using films, slides, and short performances, this workshop offers participants a chance to stretch their horizons by experiencing and observing dance as a form of non-verbal communication.

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