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  • How old am I:
  • 24
  • Nationality:
  • Colombian
  • I love:
  • Guy
  • What is my sex:
  • I'm female
  • Languages:
  • English
  • What is my figure features:
  • My figure features is quite chubby
  • What I like to drink:
  • I like whisky
  • What I like to listen:
  • Techno
  • Other hobbies:
  • Dancing
  • I have tattoo:
  • I have tattoos


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Anger is not a that your relationship is doomed to fail.

How to deal with the impacts of low sex drive on a relationship

Anger is an emotion that we all experience, and it ifies that something has to be done. Anger makes you aware that there is a problem. How you deal with your anger can become a big part of the problem. For some couples, anger can make it nearly impossible to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it. For most couples, anger itself is not the problem. In an ideal world, partners will take turns being upset.

In the real world, we often get upset at the same time. This is where repair work becomes important. Practice apologizing, stay calm, and remind yourself why you are in the relationship and that you are in control of how you express your emotions. All rights reserved. The preceding article was solely written by the author named above. Any views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by GoodTherapy.

The sex and anger connection

Questions or concerns about the preceding article can be directed to the author or posted as a comment below. Please fill out all required fields to submit your message. I have found that the angrier that I get the angrier my husband gets.

Does that make any sense? That is so frustrating to me, to have to hold it all in for fear of how he will react. Beneath the anger is feeling of sadness, disappointment, hurt. Your anger is largely a defense against these feelings. If you share these vulnerable feelings with your husband, he is not likely to get angry. OMG I can relate. I have to be mindful of what I say to my spouse because he takes offense to everything that I say.

Once we have a heated argument, it will all come out because I am now angry.

When your partner just doesn’t want sex

How do I communicate with him without getting him agitated or upset. He is mature and sensible but I have failed to understand his actions towards me when I have a problem with how he acts. Hi, I just had a fight with my bf too. And he also says we should bring my dog out to sit in the yard, I feel he only care of the dog.

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Also I ran out to see him without a jacket, he said that I should go get some inside while he put his jacket on, I guess I wish he would put it on me as a gesture, but he said no, ya I even asked. I feel maybe we are not in love anymore, What should I do? So let me ask you this- why is it my responsibility to lessen the anger of my partner? I get it that I have to take ownership of my own anger. But why do I then have to try to soften his? Frank: No. If you show your partner support in dealing with his or her anger, he or she will more likely reciprocate. This would ensure that both of you are accommodating one another throughout difficult times.

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I try to look at what is really causing the anger. Is it that particualr moment or is it actually coming from something else and this is where I am choosing to express it? I am a huge advocate for EFT. I learned so much that has helped me in growth. I was thrown a curve ball about a year ago with a new boyfriend. However, anytime I expressed an issue or asked a question of him pertaining to an issue he would blow up almost instantaneously.

I tried to tell him I loved him, asking him why he was so angry, asking him to take a minute and calm down.

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Every time he would storm out and go home, tell me he was angry because he felt by me being calm I was being condescending, get angrier the more I tried to defuse it. He is 22 years older than I am and I am tired of being blamed for everything. He makes excuses and blames constantly. I started to feel like I was going crazy. Is this a normal anger situation?

married female Giavanna

It got to the point where I was so frustrated that I too started to yell Back and exchange in the same verbal abuse. My parteners anger is getting out of control. People have told me for years to get rid of him but now everyone has got rid of me as eye give up trying with me.

You need to get help Pauline. You are in a domestic violence relationship, which can be very difficult to get out of. The first step is to ask for help. Contact a therapist in your area for help!

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Sincerely Irene. Pauline, I agree with Irene- you have a controlling and psychologically abusive partner and you are at risk of violence. It is clear that you are in a relationship that is very unlikely to have a happy ending. Perhaps there is an organisation in your area that can help you. Please be careful when posting things online — you need to work out how to do it privately, for example clearing history on your browser. Then in a couple of years down the line, you will realise it was the best decision you ever made.

Go and find rediscover your independence. Best of luck. Hi In my relationship I almost like always feel that I am not allowed to express my anger. Each time I get angry, so does he because Anger sex date the fact that I am mad at him.

It takes me a few minutes or hours to cal down but he takes days at times. So every time its me who has to go back to make amends, irrespective of who was anger and cuz of whom in the first place. What must i do because I feel that I have a right to express my anger equally as my love for him but he does not agree to that. Suggest me a way out.

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The way out is to find a way to express your feelings so that he can hear you. Se article here on GoodTherapy about how to initiate a conversation: irenesavarese.

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Hi, Im at the other end of the spectrum. Im more hurt to see my wife hurting because i stress over everything, even though my goals are entirely for her and the .

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I have had enough of my own problems. I always pick out the bad in my life, and not the good. I always talk about bills or whatever may be tense. Is it possible or healthy to keep my frustrations to myself? Is there any advice for someone like me who feels trapped inside a mean person when I love and adore her so much? I know she hurts but is such a good woman, and never argues.

I just know I am always pouring negativity and being a grouch. It usually happens because of my insecurities.

Stop telling single women not to be angry

I think most of the influence was from my mother. In her relationships as I was growing up, she never trusted the guy and always thought he would find someone better for him. Anybody have any suggestions onto loving myself for who I am, and accepting myself?

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This much time full of this much garbage would make any human being angry.


The low-libido partner may feel pushed and resentful, and the high-libido partner can feel abandoned, betrayed, rejected, and angry.


At some point in your relationship, you're going to get angry at your partner.


This is normal and to be expected.