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Source: Cropped. In Australia sexuality is often seen as something to be ashamed of or it is used as a marketing tool to sell the latest high-tech razor. They stifle giggles and wave wobbly dildos about in mock sword fights to hide their confused cocktail of feelings. Take a deep breath and keep these tips in mind.


If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place. We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet.

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up below and come us. Most Liked Posts. Never have been, but really want to start going. What is the proper way to handle yourself at one of these places.

Can you jerk off freely in the booths? What about MM with someone else? I really love to show off and am thinking this might be a great place to do so. FantomX Experimental Member.

Good question I too am interested in the answer. Anyjoe Cherished Member. Oddly this is one subject I'm quite familiar with. Yes there is a definite "etiquette. There are every type in the book. Business men and gardeners and pool men. Black white, asianhispanic. All have one thing in common, they are men that have needs not getting met. Just like meeting anyone you have to sense some kind of similar 'energy. Others only want to suck. Not alot in between. Some will MM jerk off and others won't even let you in the booth. Remember, many cities have vice officers who's job it is to intice you into grooping or flashing and then promptly arrest you.

Read my blog. It's not like it used to be. It used to be fun. But, here goes: Don't talk.

Don't speak. That's for the bar. Walk around and scope the boothsare there glory holes? Which booths?

tight females Adley

Are people in there with doors open? Stroll around. See somebody.

tight girls Giuliana

Make eye contact. Go into one of the booths with the glory hole--if he's interested, he'll go in the other side. Insert money and do whatever feels natural. A finger tapped on the hole means he wants you to stick your dick through so he can suck it. If no glory holes, stroll around and make eye contact. Go into a booth but don't Adult bookstore etiquette the door. If he follows, put money in; he'll lock the door, and the rest comes naturally. Keep in mind: these days, a there are lots of fun diseases AIDS is only one; you can't tell if he's got an active case of herpes or not just from looking ; b cops in a lot of cities pose as "interested"; if they go in the booth with you and you grope them or pull your dick out, you're busted.

Or the cops will just bust the whole place. I spent many happy hours in bookstores in my youth, but it's too dangerous for me at this point.

Oh, and a couple of things: 1. If you see your friend in there, don't carry on a conversation. That's what bars and coffee shops are for. Don't go to the adult bookstore and then whine about how dirty or smelly it is.

sexual girlfriend Rosalie

Think about where you are and what you're doing. It's dirty and smelly.

tight female Teagan

Some of these people go in and are horrified you can't eat off the floor Carry a condom. If you do, in fact, meet "Mr. Right" and decide to make 15 minutes of bliss, you'll want it.

cute gal Cecilia

Oh, and: go prepared to be disappointed. Let's say your fantasy is a tall, blonde, well-built, straight-acting man with a wedding ring and a huge dick. That's a common one So you go to your favorite BS, and there are 2 70 year old men, a black drag queen, and several fat, balding middle-aged men.

tight miss Mara

Your blonde adonis was NOT there. Or even better Adonis IS there!!!! Oh, crap, the person who went in the other booth is the black drag queen. You are disgusted and exit. Adonis, who has been chasing the black drag queen around for an hour, dashes into YOUR booth and locks the door. The drag queen exits, disgusted.

You dash into HER booth and lock the door!

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Alone with Adonis at last!!! Except he takes one look at you, sniffs, turns up his nose and storms outhe wanted the black drag queen!!! I have been in there when the black drag queen was chasing me, I was chasing Adonis, he was chasing another young man, the other young man wanted nothing to do with him and was chasing Grandpa; Grandpa was chasing the black drag queenwho was chasing me Another facet is the clerks from the front.

Most are cool, but some are assholes who storm around the back every 5 minutes screaming "Get in a booth" "Drop some dollars or get out! Adult theaters that are actually theaters can be fun, but along with all the other warnings aboveif it's busted, everybody in there is going to jail for "public lewdness" or "public indecency". If that happens, a you have NO rights and NO defense. If the cops say they saw you blowing somebody even if you were just sitting in a seat somewhereand you say, "No I wasn't!

That can show up in the damnedest places: job applications, mortgage applications, etc. I'm lucky, I never got a disease and never got busted though Adult bookstore etiquette did exit a few bookstores while the cops were in the parking lot! And I did have some pretty darn fine sex in there. Your call.

Ones I visited in Hawaii back in '74 were fantastic! Stayed away from ones in Birmingham AL where I lived then and until I doubt that has changed.

tight female Luciana

Yeah MH07 pretty much hit it on the nail. One thing I love to do is walk over to the gay section and look at the mags, then if I see someone staring at me I kinda give them a lil smile and get back to the mag.

hot babes Jessica

Moments later I walk into the booth area and wait for him I always carry at least three condoms and two little lube packets. As far as cops, I try to watch and observe everyone there for about a half hour, just to see what everyone is doing. If there is alot of activity, then I know there are no cops around busting people. However I still believe to this day I gave a cop no uniform a blow job in a video boothe one time. He had that look and swagger, great cock and cumshot.

BigDallasDick8x6 Loved Member. MH07 wrote an excellent primer.

slutty teen Veronica

Second, if there are several in your town they will specialize in a certain clientele, either on purpose or by the clientele's choice. So if one has hostile clerks behind the counter, go to a different one.

Adult book store etiquette

Amazingly some are anti-gay. You don't want those if you want to play of course.

beautiful babes Romina

The smart management knows that encouraging guys to come there and cruise brings in even more guys. The ones who chase everyone into booths might get some extra dollars right then, but they lose much more in the long run. Some gay man needs to start a chain of Adult Video Stores in major cities across the county and run them correctly.

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