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  • 32
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  • Austrian
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These are some women who work behind the scenes at The Photo Studio. Photographers, stylists, bookers and assistants. From all walks of life, nationalities and ages; different paths, successes and failures. We feel that we have a duty to reinforce positive associations with our work, especially towards what it means to be a woman.


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Stuff of life, am I right? No, I take that back. But it is a pretty sad commentary about the media we consume. Think about it, we see so many TV shows and movies that feature romance in some way.

house singles Molly

But how often do you see female friendship on the screen? Unless you count my desire to be friends with many of these authors…. Let me be clear.

white teen Monica

We get so much of the boy meets girl, they fall in love, happily ever after story. I myself am I sucker for a good love story. Where are the stories about women talking for hours about their hopes and fears?

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About the women who inspire each other beyond measure? Who push each other to be their best selves? Who build each other up and stand by them no matter what? Thank you, dear friends, for showing me the true meaning of the word.

sweet female Jayda

When I was seven years old and needed a companion in my make believe, you were there. When I was ten and cried after being teased, you were there. When I was sixteen and needed a passenger, you were there. When I was twenty-one and at the bar, you were there, dancing beside me.

married single Carly

Thank you for making me fried potatoes and cheese, for reading all the fiction writing I insist is terrible, for exploring new places and new countries with me. Thank you calling me on my bullshit.

gorgeous lady Kalani

Thank you for giving me breaks. Thank you for smothering me with hugs and giving me space and knowing when I need each. Thank you for giving me both literal and figurative directions.

hot single Aniya

Thank you for always trying to do your best, for your take no prisoners approach to your goals, and your kindness. Thank you for bringing me to heights and insights I could have never reached on my own. The late nights. The tears.

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The hope and the joy and the motivation. For the endless talks about nothing that somehow mean everything. Thank you for being there for me in the big ways and, even more importantly, thank you for being there in the small ways, which add up to so much more. Thank you for being the real, live, mistake-making, imperfect, perfect women that you are, and not just a pretty face on TV who only talks about boys.

Thank you for proving that friendship is invaluable and can never be captured by mere words or pictures. Dear Friends, Thank you.

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Thank you for being the wonderful, inspiring, badass women you are. Which normally would be a compliment. Unless you count my desire to be friends with many of these authors… Let me be clear.

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Someone needs to do it. Thank you for listening.

fit gal Layne

Most importantly, thank you for being my friends. Keep up the great work. Talk soon. Love, Tierney.

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All the words and all the names you were given and all the ones you claimed and reclaimed.


This is for women who inspire.


I am writing this letter to each one of you as a of solidarity and gratitude on the eve of the Fourth World Conference on Women, to be held in Beijing this coming September.


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